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  1. davidfowler

    Old Photo Album

    Although it's not relevant to Birmingham, I thought I'd post this picture. Hope it doesn't break the Forum's rules . I think that the photos are interesting regarding the fashion of the day. I think they're from the 1920s. The one with the nurses has an address hand written on the back, 11...
  2. davidfowler

    Video Upload

    Caught the Chiltern line train up to have lunch with an old work colleague at our favourite place - Rajdoot at the bottom of George Street. I've been going there, as well as when they were in Albert Street for nearly 40 years. I took a video on my phone of the arrival into Morr St station but I...
  3. davidfowler

    Train To Brum For A Lunch Meet

    Caught the Chiltern line train up to have lunch with an old work colleague at our favourite place - Rajdoot at the bottom of George Street. I've been going there, as well as when they were in Albert Street for nearly 40 years. I took a video on my phone of the arrival into Morr St station but I...
  4. davidfowler

    Bromford Lane And Tyburn Road

    I was born in Bromford Lane, as were the previous 2 generations of my family, in 1946 and moved round the corner to Tyburn Road in 1953. So when I saw this on ebay I just had to buy it! An old linen bus blind. Not sure which service, maybe No. 11 or one that ran up Tyburn Road to town.
  5. davidfowler

    Old Bromford Lane

    Not posted for some time but I've come across this postcard again on eBay which states it as Bromford Lane. It seems to be from a publisher - Hicgs (?) in Alum Rock. Having been born in Bromford Lane I'd love to know where abouts this could have been taken. Apologies if this has been discussed...
  6. davidfowler

    A Christmas Carol at The Rep

    My wife, her sister and I went to Mondays matinee. What a great performance. It's a musical (or at least it has a lot of singing amongst the dialogue!). The cast were all fantastic, Marley's ghost in particular had a singing voice which would have blown anything the TV talent shows throw at us...
  7. davidfowler

    Birlec (BEM Ltd)

    I posted on the "Starting work at 14" thread about my uncle's first job in 1942 was at the Birlec on Tyburn Rd near the junction with Bromford Lane. In one of his diaries he's written about the people he worked with. Not sure how old he was when this was written, probably late teens/early...
  8. davidfowler

    Royal Britannia, Aston

    I'd posted before that on this site someone had contatced me regarding families in Aston. This is a photo she sent where some of my relatives (by marriage) are shown. I thought members might like it as some may have their own family connections. It's The Royal Britannia, Park Lane, Aston showing...
  9. davidfowler

    Aston Chain and Hook

    I moved around the corner from Bromford Lane to Tyburn Road in 1953 as a young boy. Our house backed onto Aston Chain and Hook. Here's a photo of the factory from the air. Tyburn Road is going across from left to right and Bromford Lane diagonally from bottom left to upper right. Our house...
  10. davidfowler

    Bromford Lane House Numbers

    Has anyone got an idea how I can find out if the house numbering changed in Bromford Lane after 1911 please? My ancestors lived in the cottages next to Rollasons Wire Mill from the 1860s (number 4) and then moved on to the road proper at 180. I'm sure that this was part of the triangle where...
  11. davidfowler

    How good is this site!

    Just to confirm what we all know, this site is magic! I posted a question some time back regarding a street in Aston which I couldn't find on any of my maps. I was pointed in the right direction by our members. Then, completely out of the blue a lady PM'd me asking if I was looking for a...
  12. davidfowler

    Waterworks Street And Grosvenor Rd Aston

    As I've posted before, my Grand Uncle and Aunt - Henry and Ada Fowler - had a small shop on both (or at least 1) streets in the 1950s. Last time I went to Birmingham I went to see if there were any of the old houses still standing although I had been told that there weren't. I should have...
  13. davidfowler

    Hill Top Farm Handsworth

    I'm hoping our resident map genius (mikejee of course) can help. Vivienne had posted a map showing Birchfield House, https://birminghamhistory.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=38467&page=2 post #29, and Mike posted later, #31, a 1938 version. As you can see from Viv's map there's a Hill Top Farm to...
  14. davidfowler


    After several days of frustration trying to upload a Word .docx file - I converted it to a .doc file and then to a pdf file - but still no joy, I've resorted to scanning each of the 8 pages and will upload as photos!!!
  15. davidfowler

    Fowler in Aston

    My Grand Uncle, Harry, also known as Henry, Fowler lived in Aston until his death in 1952. I remember visiting his grocers shop with my parents when I was quite young. He was married to Ada nee Stacey. They had, I believe the following children: Ada b 1898 William b 1901 John E b 1910 Celia b...
  16. davidfowler

    Birmingham's Working Horses

    As recently I've been asking for help genealogically-wise, I thought I should try to redress the balance by posting some historical info. I picked up a book during the summer by Bryan Holden - "Birmingham's Working Horses" - and here are some photos. We all know that there used to be many...
  17. davidfowler

    Berners Street, Lozells

    I've just found a new relative on the 1891 census living at 12 Court 6 House Berners St, Lozells (joins Lozells Rd). I can see it on myBartholomew's But wondered if anyone could pinpoint (or close!) this house. Thanks in advance.
  18. davidfowler

    Contact with another researcher via Ancestry

    Not sure where to have posted this. I found someone who had the same research as me for one of my surname interests but their tree was marked "Private". So I sent a personal message to them asking if I could have a look at his tree and that he could look at mine as it's "Public". This is his...
  19. davidfowler

    Branston Avenue, Sherbourne Rd, Balsall Heath

    Can anyone (Mike?) help with pinpointing this Avenue please. The family were living very near Sherbourne Rd in the 1901 census and I can find Sherbourne Rd on my 1952 Bartholomew's but not Branston Ave. This is from the 1911 census. Thanks in advance.
  20. davidfowler

    13 Court Water Street

    Wondered if anyone has a map showing 13 Court Water St (off Livery St) in the late1800s? My maternal grandfather was born there in 1891. Thanks in advance.