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    Can you reach 200 plus of Pub Names and Situation (not memories or Wine Bars)

    When the target is reached then we'll advance to 500:black_eyed:! NO Repeats
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    Birmingham Dental Hospital

    What experiences have you? Those were my "brace" days for five years. Anne
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    Dancing to Romantic Bands/Orchestras

    Do you remember dancing in those days. NO discos, or the loud music of today please?!!!!!!!!!!! Who remembers Joe Loss, Victor Sylvester, Edmundo Ross etc etc. Did they ever have "gigs" in Birmingham? Ladies only - what beautiful dresses did you wear? who did you meet? Anne
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    Coronation Day Celebrations 1953

    How did you and your families celebrate Coronation Day? Who owned a TV then ?! Did you watch it on your TV or someone elses? Were you actually there? What do you remember? Any nice pictures? What momento were you given from school? The latter question - I was given a tiny weeny leather...
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    Swimming in the canal

    Canal Query Officially which Canal flowed under the aquaduct (Newton Road) just approaching Great Barr. My sister used to take me for walks along there and sometimes for a s-w-i-m. Anyone else swum in Canals? The things we got up to. Anne
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    Group photos

    Does anyone recognise themselves, or recognise friends. What about group pictures during schooldays or whenever. An example below Anyone in the webring on this pic? Kingstanding Road Junior Boy' School Football Team Anne
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    Bathing Costumes Thro' the Ages

    Please, I'd like to hear your thoughts on the old bathing dress over the centuries! plus any pictures for enjoyment. Who used to wear the wool costumes??? I escaped that era - JUST - ha! ha! Anne
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    The Pranks You Played on your Teachers

    Does anyone remember the pranks and tricks you played on their teachers? Love to hear about them! Anne
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    The SMOG

    What experiences do you have in the smog. I remember I couldn't see a walking pace in front of me in the pea souper, and the roadside flares indicating the kerbside for the traffic. Unbelievably yes! there was traffic. Life just seemed to carry on, it was part of the norm. For people...
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    Remember the trams. I vaguely remember one that ran from Snowhill to??? but I was very very young. In my mind I always visualise or remember them on dark cold icy evenings, rumbling away.
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    PEOPLE! CHARACTERS! you remember

    One person that stands out in my mind was the lady that stood on the corner of Snowhill Station at around 4.30pm every evening shouting "Spatchy Mail" "Spaaatchy Mail". I can see her now, a fag in her mouth, turban style head gear, raincoat with her newspaper stand and holding bundles of...
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    Bourneville Open Air Lido

    Can anyone give info. on its current status please? Anne
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    Queen Elizabeth Hospital

    What is QE like today. It used to stand proudly in green leafy suburbia surrounded by fields and meadows. An imposing building on the skyline. Anne
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    Lost Lidos

    I have a website on Lost Lidos and I'm anxious to find any pictures of Sutton Park Lido and swimming in Keepers Pool. Please can anyone help?