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  1. Barr_Beacon

    Newman Tonks - Newtown

    Steve, was your father George Matthews? George was a really nice bloke who worked in the Briton stores and often had me in stitches. Sorry Steve, It was George Rogers I was thinking of. (Is there a way of deleting posts if errors have been made?)
  2. Barr_Beacon

    city centre pubs

    I first went to The Costermonger when I had a 'Saturday Job' at Littlewoods near to the pub in the early '70s. I loved the pub and the music played there (fantastic choice of music on the small juke box and good dj's). It had a small stuffed bear on the bar, an air shuttle game and an electronic...
  3. Barr_Beacon


    Happy birthday, Lyn.
  4. Barr_Beacon

    Birmingham Nightclubs of the Past - Memories

    Wasn't the same road as Bingley Hall but Barbarella's was nearby in Cumberland Street. A lot of bands performed there.
  5. Barr_Beacon

    Farm Street Hockley

    Crikey Lyn, I didn't notice the ladders on the right!
  6. Barr_Beacon

    Farm Street Hockley

    Apologies if this photograph is already on the forum (I have searched the Farm St thread and could not find it) but I think it is worth posting: Villa Street - Farm Street Hockley Birmingham - The White Swan 1964
  7. Barr_Beacon

    Birmingham Nightclubs of the Past - Memories

    I can now reveal it was, Ann George. I'm joking, it was actually John Forgeham, who played Jim Baines, who I think was a mechanic in the soap. He was quite an accomplished actor; he was one of Michael Caine's gang in The Italian Job and he was in one of the scariest play's ever shown (it was to...
  8. Barr_Beacon

    The Clements

    The Clements Arms has now being renamed 'The Row Tavern'. Although it's only a name change can't help feeling another bit of the old Brum has been disposed of.
  9. Barr_Beacon

    The Times Furnishing Building, New Street.

    My jaw dropped when I saw this photograph on 'The Old Pics of Brum' on Facebook. I've never seen it before and it's astonishing! It was taken during Birmingham's Wings for Victory Week 1943 (Photo: Brumpic on Twitter). Wings For Victory weeks were held across the country beginning in March 1943...
  10. Barr_Beacon

    Newman Tonks - Newtown

    Me too but sometimes that can prove to be a blessing!
  11. Barr_Beacon

    Newman Tonks - Newtown

    Thank you for your kind comments, Lyn! Funny isn't it, you can go through life but memories of certain people and places remain clear as crystal.
  12. Barr_Beacon

    Newman Tonks - Newtown

    My word, the memories are coming back now. There was a really nice Irishman called Kim who worked in the Goods In on Hospital Street, I believe he was a talented musician who played in a band (there was also a chap called Danny Williams who was supposed to be an amazing guitarist). Norman...
  13. Barr_Beacon

    Newman Tonks - Newtown

    Hi Roger You certainly stirred some memories for me! Harry Fowkes was my foreman (were they called supervisors in the late seventies?) when I worked in the Repair Shop on Hospital Street behind the canteen / social club. I remember Ken Wingfield (he was in charge the Spray Shop) and the Clarke...
  14. Barr_Beacon


    Thought I would share what I've recently found, a complete list of Davenport's pubs and outdoors, I didn't realise what a wide area the brewery covered. http://breweryhistory.com/wiki/index.php?title=List_of_Davenport%27s_Brewery_Ltd._pubs
  15. Barr_Beacon

    Parisian Club Cannon Street

    This photograph brought back memories of the cold wet rain filled autumns / winters of the seventies. Note The Foster Brothers tartan jacket (complete with nylon wool) the chap on the right is wearing. I spent quite a few weekends in this pub. In the eighties Davenport's bought it and renamed it...
  16. Barr_Beacon

    Atv Studios Aston

    Found this photograph of the acts in 'Thank Your Lucky Stars' filmed at The Alpha Studios, Aston in the 60's on 'Old Pics of Brum' in Facebook. I haven't seen it before, apologies if it is already in the forum.
  17. Barr_Beacon

    St Chads Schools

    Brought back memories for me I must say, Lyn. I remember the smell of the metal presses and stamps from the factories in Brearley Street when I attended the infant school. I also remember my mom wrapping a scarf around my head when the smog came down!
  18. Barr_Beacon

    St Chads Schools

    I've just discovered this photo of St. Chad's in Brearley Street, it really has made my day (up until now I thought there was only one)! This is an enlargement of the school, itself.
  19. Barr_Beacon

    Wilton Street Lozells

    Wilton Street. Apologies no date, except looking at the cars (Ford Anglia and Ford Prefect 107E), I'd say the early 1960s.
  20. Barr_Beacon

    Walmer Rec

    Anywhere and everywhere.