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  1. Steve R

    Lock -Up Steelhouse Lane

    Hello all We have recently updated the Lock-Up site with the events the heritage project will be holding in the new year. In addition to the normal heritage open days we have several very interesting talk coming up. Some reading may be interested to know that we have an extended talk on capital...
  2. Steve R

    Steelhouse Lane Police Station..the End Of An Era

    Hello all Some of you will be aware that I have been working with my colleague Corinne on relocating the West Midlands police museum from Sparkhill police station to the former Lock - Up facility in Steelhouse Lane. Moving the museum became necessary following the announcement that Sparkhill PS...
  3. Steve R


    Lyn Thank you. A great find. Strange really that these pictures of stunning beauty are a reminder of such tragedy and suffering. Just to remind people that the volunteers at the former police Lock - Up facility on Steelhouse Lane have an open day on the 9th November which will have a remembrance...
  4. Steve R


    Lyn Thank you for the pictures. Steve R
  5. Steve R


    Lyn Great photo, where was that taken? Steve R
  6. Steve R

    Lock -Up Steelhouse Lane

    In total 17 Birmingham officers died during WWII due to enemy air raids. Our book 'Condition Red' released last year commemorates this and also the work done by officers rescuing those involved in air raids. There were three George medal winners, a fairly new medal in WWII awarded for...
  7. Steve R

    Lock -Up Steelhouse Lane

    Hello all I just wanted to highlight the events taking place at the Lock -Up as the year begins to draw to an end. We have just two open days left this year these being the 12th October and the 9th November. For those of you who have followed with interest what we are trying to do with the...
  8. Steve R

    Horses on the canals

    Great picture at post 7. Didn't realise that we still had them at the 70's. Good luck with the research. Steve R
  9. Steve R

    Birmingham Police strike 1919

    Hello all The West Midlands police museum have released their latest book to commemorate 100 years since the police strike. Very few people are aware that the officer went on strike but at the beginning of August 1919, 120 Birmingham policemen went on strike - joined by officers from London and...
  10. Steve R

    Birmingham City Police 1839 - 1974

    Hello all I mentioned in post 146 that volunteers from the West Midlands police museum will be holding their next open day at the former Lock - Up building in Steelhouse Lane on the 3rd August 2019. This will also be an event that commemorates 100 years since the police strike and we will also...
  11. Steve R

    Birmingham City Police 1839 - 1974

    Just spent a fascinating hour reading this thread, thank you to all those that contributed. In particular I have never seen the picture of the police Mini's lined up and also the comments on the police strike. The strike in particular in interesting at the moment and next month will be 100 years...
  12. Steve R

    Birmingham City Police 1916

    Hello Is it possible to have some pictures of these items please. I have access to the police museum and may be able to assist. Steve R
  13. Steve R

    Centenary NARPO plate?

    Hello I didn't realise NARPO dated back from 1919, I hope the members will commemorate this with an event. I am currently writing (with my colleague) a book on the police strike of 1919 which resulted in the birth of the federation which also therefore celebrate its centenary this year. I am...
  14. Steve R

    Winson green prison 1872

    Hello all Difficult to say if the museum has a picture. We are currently scanning and documenting our officer records some of which will be go onto the ancestry site in due course. For info the oldest pictures we have are from the 1850's and are called collodion positives. These are on glass and...
  15. Steve R

    Hydraulic power network

    Thank you all for this information. I have gone from having little knowledge to having a reasonable understanding of how this worked. If anybody out there has a picture of the pumping station I would be grateful. The knowledge on this forum is truly amazing. Steve R
  16. Steve R

    Hydraulic power network

    I am trying to get some information on the 'Hydraulic power network' that used to be in Birmingham. To be honest I had never heard of it until last Monday when we had a specialist attend our building to look at a Dumb Waiter that had been discovered hidden behind boards for the last few decades...
  17. Steve R

    Metal Detecting

    With reference to post 15. It looks to me like it is a piece of driving band from and Anti aircraft shell. It does look a little green on part of the photographs which would be Verdigris as they were made of copper. These were around the bottom of shell and got the grooves from the rifling in...
  18. Steve R

    CONDITION RED: AIR RAID IMMINENT -Policing Birmingham during world war II

    Hello I thought I would let you know about the latest offering from the West Midlands police museum. We have now launched our next book, the title explains it all. Many new and previously unseen pictures from the police archives together with very interesting information from police orders and...
  19. Steve R

    Steelhouse Lane Police Station..the End Of An Era

    Hello all So after almost exactly 12 months of fundraising and bidding for Heritage lottery money we have progressed a dream into reality. We will of course need to continue with the open days and talks as we still have lots of money as a contribution to the project to ensure success. Lots of...
  20. Steve R

    Police Service Records, Especially Police Specials: 2018 Update.

    Jane leave it with me and I will have another look. We are adding to the files all of the time. Steve R