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    Kensington gardens

    Does anyone have any stories or pictures of KensingtonGardens Balsall Heath, I had some friends there and it was always a playground
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    Health and safety in the 1950’s

    Health and safety in the 1950’s I had my grandchildren round for a birthday party in thegarden a week ago, I was watching the antics and I thought of the things thatwe used to do in 50’s when I lived in Gosford Street Balsall Heath. Fewexamples: · Dropping walls, there were some beauties...
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    Wilkes and Godwin

    I wonder if anyone knows anything or has any pictures ofthis plating/polishing company, which was based in Charles Henry Street. Myfather Lewis James worked there from the 50’s until his death in the late 60’s,ending up as some kind of supervisor/manager. I went there a few times as asmall child...