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    High Street Aston

    all those pictures make me homesick for my childhood to and for my Aston as l knew it..Brenda
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    my mother always said" ive got a bone to pick with you ", then l knew l was in trouble
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    Spanish Flu Epidemic in Birmingham

    l remember my mother Ena b Coates b1906 telling me about the spanish flu, she said in 1918 spent 6 weeks in bed but luckily she got over it, was anxious to get back to school to take finals exams ....which had been taken before while she was absent...well guess what she passed and was made...
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    Coates family

    My g/father was William Charles Coates...his brother Daniel Coates had the fish and chip shop on Victoria Road also my g/f had a news agents in Church Lane....quite a few of the Coates's lived in that area ...hav e.nt gone back to far on ancestry yet to find out if we are related Brenda
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    Birmingham origins

    l have lived in Texas since 1958 and have never aquired a Texas accent, and still people ask me where l come from as they just love my accent...so l guess l have never lost my brummie twang..when my boys were growing up and brought friends home they always mentioned "your mom talks funny"...
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    Give us yer donny

    l never heard my father swear he always said l can cuss as good as the next bloke but never in front of a women...my mother had to be really upset to say dame and blast under her breath so l guess l lived a very sheltered live...untill l met my inlaws that's when l really had an education...the...
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    They took us to the sea

    l went to WSM a few years ago on a visit to the UK ..it was a beautiful day and guess what ..l still did'nt see the sea.
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    They took us to the sea

    l remember going on a day trip to WSM it must have been in the mid to late 40s and l am sure it was flights garage that took us could'nt tell you which route we took...well when we arrived it was pouring of rain and it never stopped so we took shelter in some houses that were being built just...
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    National Memorial Arboretum

    so glad to see the memorial to the war horses..so many thousands never came back to the uk..but my grandfather W J Barr of Park road Aston was lucky, his horse Daisy was taken for the 1914-18 war and was returned after the war ended and my g/f said she was never to work again and she was...
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    Eric this greetings is a little late but heres hoping you had a wonderful birthday day sunny greetings from Texas
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    Lost my best mate.

    W have all experienced that very real pain of loosing a pet..a few years ago we had to have my husbands best mate a daschund Fritz put to sleep ..we were all heart broken but my husband Ron took it real hard...so after a couple of weeks my son and l brought home another Daschund as a surprise...
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    Alf Buckley.

    So so sorry to hear the sad news about Alf, we never met but coming from the same part of Aston we had so much in common. Alf we will miss you...god bless and RIP
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    l was born 29 12 1935 at Loveday st maternity home and l am still going strong
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    RIP Astonian (Alan)

    Alan we will miss you an all your interesting stories of Brum what a memory you had..rest in peace...
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    RIP Astonian (Alan)

    sorry to hear the sad news, we would always want to think we could go on forever ..Alan had such a head for knowledge of the old days that us oldens can appreciate..l never meet Alan but felt like l had known him forever both coming from Aston l loved his stories he posted on the forum we will...
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    Phillips Street Aston

    l remember Jean Wallin..as you say she was a tomboy...her parents had Wallins Woodyard further up Phillips street near New Town Row...l think Jean was about a year younger than me as l do not remember being in any of my classes at Burlington st sch