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    disgusting food

    "Putu" is the sound you make as you spit it out !
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    "Duck" I remember it was in use when I was a junior Brummie. However Stoke use it a lot.
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    disgusting food

    Waitrose sell it !
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    I'm pretty sure there's a photo on this thread showing a group of HG men waiting on a railway platform. They're wearing gaiters, some blancoed, some blackened.
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    A couple of additions, if I may....... "I've seen more meat on a chicken's lip". "I've seen more meat on a bone handled knife". One I always thought cruel, calling a skinny girl "Sparralegs".
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    disgusting food

    My wife grew up on a farm in a little town, which sits on the Cheshire/Staffordshire border, called Alsager. She talks about her uncle who used to eat Pobs. I must say, I'd never heard of them.
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    Storm Dennis

    I spent a lot of time in KH around the same time too. I can't believe the place has flooded like that. (Some of those motorists were in danger of drowning their engines !)
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    Storm Dennis

    I notice on FB there's a video of the river in Llangollen, looking like it's about to burst its banks. At times like these I'm glad I don't live too close to a river.
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    Birmingham butchers retail.

    Remember the smell of the sawdust, wonderful !
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    My late first wife was from Denbigh and she always said "sailor's warning".
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    Money!!!! - before decimalisation! Info needed please!

    When left the army, in '68, I started work on the buses. I got into a hell of a mess with the money, I had been in Germany for three years and was used to metric currency so trying to get back to the medieval LSD was almost impossible.
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    Sayings, legends and customs.

    "All round the Wrekin" is used here in South Cheshire too. We apply it to something that is un necessarily long - winded.
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    Sayings, legends and customs.

    I remember, if someone told you to do something and you felt inclined to refuse, the standard reply would be, "I would if I could but I can't, so I woont".
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    I have'nt looked into it but there was a type of bottle, produced in Victorian times, by a firm called Cod. (The torpedo shaped one, with a glass ball in the neck).
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    maypole berkeley precinct

    Clearly the place had become an eyesore ! Remarkable to think that the area used to be part of the grounds of the Maypole pub.
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    Anybody notice that TV ad, the one with the Goths from the Midlands ? "Joy ? Oi thought yer said yer name was Rayven !"
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    Birmingham buses

    Wops? That's enough to get a ban, methinks!
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    Spanish Flu Epidemic in Birmingham

    My Mother was born in Jan 1917. (Not only did her Dad survive the trenches but the influenza pandemic too). Mom avoided the 'flu, grew up in Irving St., and will be 103 at the end of this month. Sadly she now has vascular dementia & is in a care home but I often reflect on all that happened in...
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    I remember a small bottle of whiskey, bought from the outdoor, being called a quarten. As for your mention of" tip 'n run", wasn' t that another name for a game of "Tag" ?