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    Villa Cross shops

    Would be most grateful if someone could post some photos of the shops between Wilkinson's hardware and the Villa Cross picture house. Period would be from about 1945 up to 1960. Thanks a lot Nigel
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    Good morning, All. Most of my family ( Hulse ) lived in and around Walsall and Handsworth since the early 1800s. For the family history, I would like to find out where they are buried? Can someone please tell me where I can find these records? Thanks a lot Nigel
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    Hulse family

    Hello, All I have been unable to find any details of my Grandparents' marriage: Horace Henry Hulse and Laura Fanny Whitwell were married around 1900 (my father, Jack, was born in 1921). They would probably have been married in Walsall. I have tried all of the major sites, but to no avail. Can...
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    Hulse Milliners, Villa Road, Handsworth

    Hello, All Does anyone have a picture of Hulse's shop in Villa Road, Handsworth ( No. 129)? It was to the right of Wilkinsons, and a couple of shops to the left of the Villa Cross Picture House. Thanks a lot Nigel
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    Birth Certificate Needed

    Hello, all How do I go about obtaining a copy of the birth certificate for my GGGGfather, James Hulse? From what I can gather, he was born in 1786, and died in Walsall in 1849. One of his sons (my GGGfather ) , Thomas Henry Hulse, was born a British Subject in Paris c1834, and married in West...
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    Hulse family

    Can anyone please tell me where I can find information on births, before 1800? My GGGGF ( James Hulse ) was born in 1786, but I don't find any info on him apart from who his wife was (Elizabeth) and where he was married (Walsall). I'm trying to find out who his parents were? Thanks a lot Nigel
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    British Subject Born Overseas

    My Great Great Grandfather (born 1847), then resident of Wallsall, is listed in the 1871 census as having been born in France. Can anyone tell me how to find out where in France he was born? Thanks a lot Nigel