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    Haunch Lane/Chamberlain Rd, Kings Heath

    There is a large house on the corner of these roads that is now used as a nursery. In the wall around the garden to the front of the house are stones that say 'St Marys'. Can anyone tell me the history of this house? I live quite near to it and just wondered when it was built and why it has 'St...
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    Hodgetts Family

    I am trying to find out what happened to my ancestor between 1851 and her death in 1860. On the 1841 census the family are living at turnpike rd side, Northfield William Hodgetts, age 20 Elizabeth Hodgetts, age 20 Elizabeth Hodgetts, age 1 Charlotte Hodgetts, age 13 Source Citation: Class...
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    Tilton Road

    My family lived in Tilton road. The earliest record I can find is the 1901 census which has John Holden living there. I have other family members living on Garrison Lane. I know they all eventually ended up living on Tilton Rd at numbers 98, 102 , 104 ( I think) until they wre moved out in the...
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    The Bell Inn

    I have found relatives of mine on the 1851 census living at the Bell Inn, Northfield. William Hodgetts was the Inn keeper. He took over after the 1841 census, which has them living on Turnpike ( Bristol) Rd, I'm not sure of the exact date and his wife Elizabeth continued to run the pub ater...