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  1. Ray Barrett

    Hare of the Dog Wellhead Tavern

    This is the inside of the "Wellhead" on this photo.in the light coloured coat, front row, is my gran,the third lady to her right is G G Jeans nan. It was definately on the corner of Wellhead Lane,opposite Kynochs,in fact Jean said it is still there.There has been a photo.of it taken outside on...
  2. Ray Barrett

    Upper Thomas Street 1949-50

    Another momento of U.T.S.Any one recognise themselves,I knew almost everyone on there,even the St.Mary's boy's.
  3. Ray Barrett

    Marriage look up.

    I have never been able to find a marriage cert for my gt.grandparents,despite searching the records from their home towns and elswhere. They were. Henry William Barrett born Basingstoke 1849 and Mary Ann Horne born Englefield Berkshire 1849. Their eldest son was born in Basingstoke in 1872,and...
  4. Ray Barrett


    Having a mooch down my dad's house I came across these old,booklets and leaflets.Felt sure they would be of interest to some of the history buffs. They prove to me that Neville Chamberlin,didn't waste his last year in office,he organised this plus evacuation and rationing. To me Neville...
  5. Ray Barrett

    Humour in Uniform.

    At the end of 1956,the British Army was preparing for the Suez fiasco. We were busily painting everything sand yellow,(apparently for desert warfare:() so I could not resist asking the R.S.M."what are we going to do if Nasser paints all his sand green ?". Does anyone remember why we stencilled a...
  6. Ray Barrett

    Safe Return

    It occured to me how many ex-servicemen and women there are on this site,and how we never blow our own trumpet.:rolleyes:.So after seeing on another thread,Maggie has a son in Afghanistan,and, I am sure there are others on the forum,I thought why not give them some of our time and thoughts.They...
  7. Ray Barrett

    Photographers wheeler st.

    This photo is my gt.gran Elizabeth Proud (seated) and her sister Margaret who in 1871 was a photographers assistant,I'm presuming this is the shop where she worked.Could some kind person point me in the right direction,where I would find info.on the shop.
  8. Ray Barrett

    Vicarage rd.school.

    There seems to be a few ex pupils of Vicarage Rd. girls school on this site.Is there anyone who remembers Sheila Bird,I know she died quite young but she had 3 sons.On visits to Singapore over the years I have put flowers on her dad's grave,he was my dad's pal,and was killed there 15.2.1942.If...
  9. Ray Barrett

    Evacuation Papers

    Does any one still have their evacuation papers?,I have, and thought I would share them with others for their historical interest. Will now attempt to post them here,wish me luck. There's more.The reason I still have them.is because I didn't go. My cousins who lived up the same yard did go,the...