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    i have come to a halt in my research of my grt. grt. grandfather DOB about 1811, marriage about 1830, and DOD uncertain. I believe him to be a Catholic and, therefore, any Parish Records are presumably unavailable unless able to visit St. Chad's Archives. I live in Devon and am unable to...
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    Occupations Of The Past

    A friend is researching her family tree and has found details of her great, great, grandfather which on the census reads as "Samish Manufacturer". Does anyone know what that was? Perhaps it is a mis-spelling on the census form but any suggestions would be a help. Cannot find any info. on...
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    Edward Smith , High Street, Erdington

    Is it possible to name the occupants of the household at 154, High Street, Erdington in 1915. It should be Edward Smith - Carpenter,. but I am not sure when his wife died and when he remarried. He moved away to Gilson, Warks in the early 1920's. Many thanks for any help. KINS
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    Electoral rolls or registers

    Hi fellow members Could anyone please confirm or otherwise that these registers are only available online from 1912 to 1955 (ie on Midlands Historical Data) or is there anywhere else I can find info. Many thanks KINS
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    All Saint's Church Kings Heath Lookups

    Would be pleased to know how to go about finding records of baptisms for the years 1905 -1912 at All Saints Church, Kings Heath:) THANKS - KINS
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    Parish records for Catholic families in the Birmingham area before 1837

    Fellow researchers - I am hitting a brick wall regarding finding further info about my great grandparents as regards any parish registers as they were Catholic. They were born around 1834. I do not live in Birmingham now so I am finding it even more difficult to get info. Should I get in...
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    Electoral Rolls in general

    Hello fellow members - I have not lived in Birmingham for almost fifty years now and I am presuming that I am unable to get the electoral rolls for any of my family online. My family all lived in the Birmingham area- in the late 19th century and early 20th century but other than finding some...