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  1. Donna

    Spears factory in Great Hampton street

    Hello, does anybody have any info on the Spears factory in Great Hampton Row. As this is my surname and today i found a film about the fire in 1959, i would be interested if anyone knew anything about it. i realise most of you wont be old enough to remember 1959 but its worth a try. many...
  2. Donna

    Warwickshire regiment

    Hello, I wonder if this is the right forum for a start but Im wondering how I can find out which part of the Royal Warwickshire regiment my gt granfather was in. He was born in 1891, would he have been too old to be in WWII, did the Warks regiment exist in WWII. My granddad said he went to...
  3. Donna

    St Joseph Birmingham Warwick

    Hello, does anyone know where I can find any info on a christening in 1877 in St Joseph Birmingham Warwick. Thank you.
  4. Donna

    raf eastleigh photo

    this is one of my grandad at raf eastleigh in africa ww2
  5. Donna

    Fountain pub Nechells/Aston

    Hello, has anyone heard of a pub called the Fountain that was in Nechells/Aston. I was talking to my grandad today and he said his aunt used to run it, her name was Lily, but not sure how many years ago. Grandad used to live in Lupin St so I'm not sure if it was by there, can't find Lupin St...
  6. Donna

    Dog and Partridge, Birchall Street

    Does anyone have any more information of licensee Joseph Brendan Burke and wife of the Dog and Partridge, Birchall St/Moseley St around 1963 - 1965? Thanks for family interest
  7. Donna

    Rough date of photo

    Hello, can anybody date this photo of George Arthur and Theresa Howell, my gt grandparents (on left) and their daughter Olive's parents-in-laws, Mr and Mrs Harvey. George and Theresa born roughly 1890's. Thanks Donna
  8. Donna

    Johnny Mo

    Hi all Does anyone remember Johnny Mo? 1960's ish, was licensee of Rose & Crown, Gravelly Lane.
  9. Donna

    Aston Church Road pub

    Does anyone remember Aston Church Road in the 1960's? As you come down from the lights at Washwood Heath Road, keep on the left hand side and just past Taronis, was there a little pub that looked like a house or was it a house that people used to drink in? I have memories of standing outside...
  10. Donna


    Does anyone have info on Joyner family, Aston area? Thanks Surname interests: Howell, Spears, Stokes
  11. Donna


    Does anyone have any info on Stokes family? Especially Uriah? Thanks Surname interests: Joyner, Howell, Spears
  12. Donna


    Does anyone have any info on Spears family, big in Aston/Nechells/Saltley area, especially pub at traffic lights Aston Church Road/swimming baths? Thanks Surname interests: Joyner, Howell, Stokes
  13. Donna


    Does anyone know anything about a George Arthur Howell b1890 ish (my gt grandfather)? Thanks Surname interests: Joyner, Spears, Stokes
  14. Donna

    Police Station at Washwood Heath

    Does anyone remember a Police Station at the top of Aston Church Road on the Washwood Heath Road - Saltley end before the big hardware shop?