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  1. norfolk brummie

    The Great Western Railway

    I looked for a thread dedicated to the GWR, but surprisingly could not find one, although there are other ancillary threads about the GWR., i.e stations, lines et-cetera. I understand that the GWR always built their locomotives, with the steam engine driver to be located on the right side of...
  2. norfolk brummie

    Bette & Joan

    Last nigh my wife watched the TV story of the hate between Bette Davis & Joan Crawford (for our younger viewers, these two were famous Hollywood film stars). I watched the last half an hour, or so. Just in time to hear the greatest 'Bitch' put down of all time. One hearing that Joan Crawford...
  3. norfolk brummie

    Edgar Lustgarden

    Just watching TV Channel 81.....Films of bygone years. Edgar Lustgarden introducing, and telling his stories of true murder cases. I had forgotten all about him. Eddie
  4. norfolk brummie

    Birmingham Railway Fares - 2017

    The current railway system in the U.K. appears to be going through the most confusing period in its history. There are now so many companies involved in running our rail network. Almost weekly, we hear depressing news of delays, over crowding, buses being used, price increases. Gone are the...
  5. norfolk brummie

    The Age Of Innocence Has Left The Station.

    I have always said the media, mainly now TV and computers, are wonderful innovations that have completely changed our lives, and created a world where we can now see, and enjoy, many wonderful things. Sadly, like all scientific and mechanical advances in helping the world, these easy to obtain...
  6. norfolk brummie

    Ken Dodd

    At last!! A Knighthood for one of our greatest comedians. I worked with 'Doddy' in the sixties. Never the same act two nights running. Arise, Sir "Diddy Doddy". Well deserved, and thanks for all your years of making us laugh, and feel happy. Eddie
  7. norfolk brummie

    Computer Hacking.

    I am a little confused. The British government has announced that it is seeking computer hacking experts, to work for the government, and assist in keeping the United Kingdoms National Security systems safe. They have also stated that experts in this field are few, and far between. Why then...
  8. norfolk brummie

    Tv.........homes Under The Hammer

    A website on this Forum, is currently referring to the sad sight of homeless people in our big cities, with the focus, naturally, on Birmingham. The TV media has a show on most days of the week called Homes Under The Hammer. The programme illustrates, quite clearly, the mental approach, the...
  9. norfolk brummie

    Aberfan Disaster

    On the day of the terrible disaster in Aberfan, I was actually in Cardiff & Newport for the day. I did not go any where near Aberfan on that day, although everyone was aware of the terrible event. I had to drive that way two or three weeks after the horrific event, and witnessed the awful...
  10. norfolk brummie

    Tv Sub-titles

    Although my wife has better hearing than I, there are times when we both need the TV sub-titles to be displayed at the bottom of the TV screen. It appears to be more important these days, with much unintelligible, unclear words, used by some of the speakers that appear on the screen. Even some...
  11. norfolk brummie

    Curzon Street Statue

    I have just read that a statue, with much controversy, has been shortlisted, for erection outside Curzon Street railway station. The statue depicts a crashed train. A crashed train, outside a railway station??? It that does not sound weird enough, I also understand that the statue of the...
  12. norfolk brummie

    The Crystal Palace & Paddington Station

    Currently reading: (Isambard Kingdom) BRUNEL THE MAN WHO BUILT THE WORLD. The Building Committee for the construction of the 1851 Exhibition at the Crystal Palace, was mainly led by Robert Stephenson, and Isambard Kingdom Brunel, who, in 1850, produced their own designs. The Dome was Brunel's...
  13. norfolk brummie

    Gas Holders in Birmingham

    Those old gas holders, were large, smelly, dirty, very necessary, but wonderful looking installations, usually built in pairs, many with in built Victorian design and architecture as a prominent feature of the holder. Probably the most famous is the gasholder at the London, Oval cricket ground...
  14. norfolk brummie

    National service day 2015

    To all of you ex-National Service 'squaddies', don't forget that Sunday, June 28th is National Service Day. (1945 - 1963). We also did our bit, some of us even died. I had a friend that I joined up with, that was killed in Malaya. Some National Service men were killed in Korea, and in other...
  15. norfolk brummie

    Detheridge, Dennis

    Does any one know what became of Dennis Detheridge, or is he still around. In the 1950's Dennis worked for the old Evening Despatch. He became a music critic, and roving reporter, for the Despatch, covering all the music events, and news, from the 1950's onwards. Although I had left Birmingham...
  16. norfolk brummie

    School Discipline

    Yesterday, we had an interesting Sunday lunch. I started school in 1937, and I returned, many years later, as a peripatetic music teacher, until 2011, so my school experiences covered more than a seventy year span. I saw many changes. Our eldest daughter is a Director of Music Services, and...
  17. norfolk brummie

    Sudan, 1885-1898

    I have just finished reading Winston Churchill's very graphic, and detailed book (The River War, published in 1933), of the Kitchener Soudan (Sudan) campaign to recapture the Sudanese areas of the River Nile, after the fall of Khartoum, and the death of General Gordon. In this campaign, the 1st...
  18. norfolk brummie

    Victoria cross

    Earlier this week, I watched the presentation of the Victoria Cross to a very brave L/Cpl Joshua Mark Leakey, by a General. It was a formal and public presentation, shown on TV, but what amazed me was that the General then HUGGED the corporal. Would never have happened in my day, certainly not...
  19. norfolk brummie

    Occupations - Disappeared

    Just been writing down forgotten scenes, that I remember. . These are some of the activities that have disappeared from day-to-day street scenes during the course of my life: BARRREL ORGAIN GRINDER: The King of beggars with his upright-piano-like machine. He made quite a pleasant...
  20. norfolk brummie

    A Game Of Three Halves

    I have just finished read A Game Of Three Halves, by Dennis Shaw. Some of you may recall Dennis. An excellent journalist and sports writer, who worked for the old Evening Despatch, Birmingham Mail, Sports Argus and Sporting Buff. Dennis was also very involved with, and worked for, both Aston...