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  1. Lumpammer

    Photo tidy up, please

    I wonder if one of your photo wizards could clean up this photo, please. I am also trying to find a date for it. I think the groom is William(Billy) Ball and his Bride was Clara, possibly Payne. Billy lived in Pontypridd and Clara was a Brummie. The little lad on the right is now 80 and the lady...
  2. Lumpammer

    Captain Tom Moore

    What a wonderful achievement to do 100 laps of his garden and then to raise £20,000,000 for NHS Heroes. How much can he make? Let’s try for £30,000,000!
  3. Lumpammer

    Christmas Trainset

    We visited The Range at Tyburn Road today looking for Christmas gifts. We bought a couple if things and got some ideas for presents, but what puzzles me are the toy trains they sell, in a snow scene. What have trains, American at that, got to do with Christmas? Did Joseph and Mary catch the...
  4. Lumpammer

    Pre-decimalisation money

    We have had the Cheese Quiz and The Christmas Quiz, now try this one Old money quiz In the following problem a series of twelve clues have been given. Each answer is an amount in the currency used in England prior to decimalisation. You have been given the final total. All you have to do is...
  5. Lumpammer

    Bombay Mix

    During the 80's, I used to work at East Birmingham Hospital and regularly at their social club, where they sold packets of bombay mix, a bar snack sold from a card. Does anyone remember these, and are they still being sold?