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    Service Numbers

    I presume the Casualty Lists published weekly show Service Numbers against each entry and not another number e.g. casualty. Is this so? I have a record of an individual who looks like a relative (my uncle) but the Casualty List service number (five digits) does not match the two Medal Card...

    Family Graves Rights And Responsibilities.

    Can anyone give me some advice please. We have a number of old family graves in different Birmingham Cemeteries. Is there a method of advising the cemetery authority of your interest in the grave? I understand that there may be a need to cover old graves and reuse the areas (as deeds expire and...

    Bowater- City Battalions Roll of Honour 1920

    Does anyone have access to a copy of Bowater's book or a CD copy? Thanks DJRVST

    Birmingham and areas covered now by Birmingham -Cemeteries and Church Graveyards etc

    Is there a list of opening and where appropriate closing dates for all of the above plus crematoriums in existence?

    World War 1 Service Records-Coding

    Does anyone know of a means of "decoding" the abbreviations on records of service for the army in WW1? examples being "To the Field", "Field", "PUC", "B213", "ED 3913" Thanks DJRVST It appears that the numbers are other forms. So that part solved. Looks like the rest means in the trenches and...

    Stories and time-swinging the lamp???

    My mother-in-law told stories for many years about military incidents she was involved in during WWII. Like many family stories you are never sure of the facts and the imagination!! Briefly the story ran like this: She was a telephonist/plotter in a bunker (Command Post) located near Dover. Her...

    "Where there's waves there's water"

    "Where there's waves there's water" Often used by my mother, (even when she was over 100) usually about anyone with any form of wave in their hair when they said or did something silly----water instead of brains!! DJRVST

    Key Hill CemeteryTemple

    Doe anyone know if images exist of the inside of the now demolished Key Hill Temple that stood in Key Hill Cemetery?

    The DOLPHIN Digbeth

    Does anyone know any history of the Dolphin in Charles Henry Street Digbeth? Around the 1890's/1900's we had a relative who was landlord. Probably left under a cloud!!!! Thanks DJRVST
  10. DJRVST

    Lordswood Maternity Home

    Do any photographs exist of Lordswood Maternity Home Harbourne? I belive it was first used pre WW11 and demolished in the 60's or 70's. (Too late now for a Blue Plaque for me!!!) Thanks DJRVST
  11. DJRVST

    Bombing of Hockley and Ladywood WW11

    There is a story in our family concerning WW11 and the bombing of Hockley and Ladywood areas. Usually under the heading of "The night of the Big Raid". A few questions if anyone can help. Was Ellen Road School destroyed by a landmine killing all those in the shelter? Was there a memorial tablet...
  12. DJRVST

    Wretham Road.

    Is anyone aware of the history of the Wretham Road Church? I understand it was Protestant under the banner of New Church? Any images? Thanks