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  1. Graham

    My granddad's, John Sheldon, birth certificate.

    In the past I’ve had great help from forum members in finding my past family, especially when I went on a quest to find my long lost half brothers. https://birminghamhistory.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=10357&highlight=long+lost+half+brothers Now from the Birmingham Council Register Office I’ve...
  2. Graham

    (Brummie) speech accent archive

    While on holiday in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg I stumbled, in L'essentiel, https://www.lessentiel.lu/multimedia/webpage/story/14138826 on this website https://accent.gmu.edu/ This is my translation from French in L'essentiel. 'This is a site of different English accents currently in use...
  3. Graham

    Stoney Lane

    Thanks, as a back street (3/66 Leamington Road) Sparkbrook kid I found that very interesting.
  4. Graham


    Can anyone help me and Frederick with our uncle Alfred (Alf) and auntie Florence (Floss) Penny? They had three children, Eric, Rose and Girly. In the 50's/60's they lived in Clifton Road, Balsall Heath, Birmingham. Graham.
  5. Graham

    Brummies be proud of this?

    On Belgian TV news there was a story today of a woman giving birth to a baby boy on a plane flight. Luckily there were two Belgian doctors on the same flight who assisted with the birth. One of the doctors was a gynaecologist and he said that he had just finished a great course training at the...
  6. Graham


    Here's a nostalgia message ! How's This For Nostalgia? All the girls had ugly gym slips It took five minutes for the TV to warm up Nearly everyone's Mum was at home when the kids got home from school Nobody owned a thoroughbred dog When 3d was a decent allowance You'd reach...
  7. Graham

    Brooke tool

    I was brought up never knowing who my dad was and when I was about 14 years old, in 1958, my mum remarried. I think that my step-dad, Albert Wittin, was much older than my mum and all I know about him is that he worked at Brooke Tool, I think this was at Tysley (or Tyseley) on the Warwick Road...
  8. Graham

    The Wedding II

    Langs wedding story reminded of a piece that I wrote earlier this year for my French exams, short but sweet. A day not to be forgotten. Caroline was still in a dream, she had been contemplating having a special wedding ceremony, different from the usual, making this really a day not...
  9. Graham


    Hi all, I have seen fantastic and incredable results on this forum thread by you amazing people, although I'm still tracing my family through www.tracesmart.co.uk I would like to know what you people can find about my dad's side of the family. On the CWGC page...
  10. Graham

    Sheldon relatives and family

    Hi all, I live in Belgium and have been trying to find news about my cousins from the Sheldon family. We all lived in Grafton Grove, Leamington Road, Sparkbrook; I lost touch in 1966 when I emigrated. Their names are Jean, Patsy, Johnny and Robert. I believe that some were involved with...
  11. Graham


    I know that Rod once asked for memories of hop-picking days, but that was before I joined this wonderful forum. And not long ago I wrote a piece about my own hop-picking experiences, Rod asked me to include this in the history section. If anyone else has memories of hop-picking I would like to...