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    Villa Cross

    As you can see, Cradley had its own Aston Villa before your query ;)
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    Pubs Of The Past

    Well, what do you know! Hope you are keeping well. Anyway, who is your British Oak ancestor?
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    Pubs Of The Past

    What was his name? I have a history of the Duke Inn on my site at : https://www.midlandspubs.co.uk/warwickshire/sutton-coldfield/duke-inn.htm Unlike the rest of my site, this was the work of somebody else - Yvonne Moore. I did a lot of the British Oak but, again, you have not furnished us with a...
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    CHRISTMAS 2020

    Hi everyone, just logged in to say Happy Christmas. I haven't been on the forum as I have been busy on other areas. Talking of which, I know the Black Country Museum is popular with many so if you fancy sight-seeing what's left of the region on the ground I have been doing discovery trails - for...
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    Memories of a lifelong pub man

    You look a bit like Bill Bryson ;)
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    One for the 021-ers or 0121-ers

    0121-ers doesn't quite have the same ring, but this is how the old Tammies refer to those who moved en-masse from Birmingham to the new estates built around old Tamworth. And just in case you were one of those, here is a page I have been working on over the last week or so...
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    Memories of a lifelong pub man

    I recorded Ron Welch some years ago but somebody sent a message today which reminded me of our discussion. It is here if you are interested if anybody wants to volunteer to do a similar thing in the new years post-lockdown then let me know.
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    Ansells Brewery

    aha, have now included the attachment to #438 - strange nobody else seemed to notice! But does anybody know owt about the time capsule??
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    Worro Lyn, hope yer 'avin' a bostin' day.
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    Ansells Brewery

    I recently acquired some nice pics of Ansell's so I spent yesterday afternoon uploading a selection of them, with many enlarged images. This particular photograph is a curious one, and an event I was unaware of. It is a time capsule buried by the brewery when the new buildings were erected in...
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    Ansells Brewery

    Hi everyone, I have not been on the forum of late as I have been busy working on other parts of the Midlands. I do a bit each day and it never stops. Anyway, hope you are all keeping well. I came across this item today .... it is a message from the Chairman of Ansell's to employees and dated...
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    Good music to listen to on U Tube

    New Order claimed they had never heard of this record prior to recording "Blue Monday" .... I think it speaks for itself :
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    Tour de France 2020 - 107th. year

    I quote : " One of the most accomplished riders of his generation, Valverde served a suspension in 2010 and 2011 after a bag of his blood, containing EPO, was DNA matched by Italian anti-doping officials who had taken a blood sample at the 2008 Tour de France. Valverde admitted nothing. He...
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    The Angel Pub

    James Samuel Johnson kept the Plough and Harrow on Bloomsbury Street, a public-house operated by Ansell's.
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    The Angel Pub

    John Henry Usher took over the licence of The Angel on 21st May 1953 and was succeeded by Charles Powell on 21st January 1954.