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  1. wotsinaname

    See Birmingham by Post Card

    This is my small contribution to the tour of Birmingham by postcard. Highfield Road Hall Green: date unknown, possibly 50's
  2. wotsinaname

    Wimbush Factory Little Green Lane.

    AHH yes. as a kid I used to pass this place on my way to my Grans house. The wonderful smell of the place always made me feel hungry.:D
  3. wotsinaname

    Grandads War Medals.

    This is what you call a happy reunion.
  4. wotsinaname

    French Postcards.

    NO! probably not the ones you may have been thinking of :D. These were sent from France by my Grandfather on the birth of my Mother in 1915 and for two other Birthdays. the Royal Engineers one is most likely one just brought back from France.
  5. wotsinaname

    Dads Army. Warwickshire Home Guard

    Thanks for your kind words. you are correct about pictures being lost. this one and other family photo's were almost thrown away when my aunt died. I have visited your web site and what a fascinating place it is. I shall certainly spend some time exploring it. have fun and be happy:)
  6. wotsinaname

    Dads Army. Warwickshire Home Guard

    Self explanatory really.This is a photo of "E" company 24th battalion Warwickshire Home Guard Number 4 platoon. My Uncle Jimmy Brown is the Sergeant 2nd right from the sign. I have no Idea of the date of this picture.