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Recent content by williams

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    1930s Hygiene

    i had impetigo Stitcher, it started on my lip, rather like a cold sore, i was told NOT TO TOUCH IT, but i was only three at the time(what did they expect) unforunately it spread up my face and onto my scalp causing me to have all of my beautiful curls cut off, i never saw the blue face and...
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    Vellumaires Ukulele Band

    During the late 40s to 50s there was a band called Troise and his Banjoliers, the reason i remember them is, while on holiday with my mum at Margate, (i would have been about 10) the band were appearing at a theatre there. My mum and i were staying in a guest house right opposite Dreamland and...
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    effects of Mustard Gas

    My father suffered from mustard gas poisoning, he was captured at that time and remained a pow until the end of the war, although he worked after the war, he could only do light jobs as his health was never good. unfortunately he caught TB and died in 1940 at the age of 44, i was a year old so i...
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    liverpool reformatory for girls

    I have found , on the 1911 census, a relative. She is an inmate in a reformatory in Liverpool ( how she got there from Brum, heaven only knows,) Are criminal records available on line, a bit like the workhouse records. I would like to find out how and why she got there, assuming its the right...
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    What Did You Want To Be

    I always wanted to be a cowgirl, western films went to my head, but i wanted to work at Roy and Dale Rogers ranch, i remember doing a essay competition for the chance to visit their ranch in America, i was bitterly dissapointed when i did'nt win. I was rubbish at essays anyway. This all happened...
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    Boxing Day, Where is This? 3

    Is it Droitwich lido, ? Jackie
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    Enjoying a Joke

    You lot are very sharp today, have you een eating your dinner with a knife, I like the repartee. :D:D
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    The New Adventurers What a bloody eyesore

    Thats a new name for a pub, have'nt heard that one before. In the place where i live we have the, Stable bar, Black Horse, the Queens, the Swan and the George, and that is on the main street, which is less than a half mile long. wonder if thats a record !!!!! I agree about your pub colours...
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    Where is This? 161

    Are there not to many men for it to have been wartime. I have'nt a clue where or what it is though.
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    Rag Market

    The very word Rag Market has just conjured up a sometime saturday afternoon walk around there with my mum, the thing that stands out most is the musty smell and the noise. I didnt realise it was still standing.
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    Before and after

    I have enjoyed looking at all your before and after pics, it seems to me that the fellas change less ( except for hair sometimes ) as they age, although smiles never do. :D
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    Battle of Fromelles

    I have just been reading about the archeological dig at the site of the battle of Fromelles, northern France, it took place in 1916. The remains of soldiers who died there have been excavated and are being interred into a military memorial ground, a few miles away. It's said that soldiers of...
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    the scarab

    Hi, Len, I wish my Mum was still around, i could have asked if she remembered your Mum. I do'nt know how they coped with some of the things they had to do, i do know they had to push small containers (not sure what they were called) along the tracks from one part to the other. My Mum did get...
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    the scarab

    My Mum May worked in the office at Aston goods, i think she was still there in 60s, she started in 1940, during the war she and the other women did a lot of the jobs the men vacated when they went to war, she stayed on at the wars end, but was transfered to the office. i think she dealt with the...
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    Help please.

    Hi ggjean, My son enjoys Shepherds pie made with Qourn mince, i fry onion in olive oil, add the mince and i also add a little veggie gravy granules, gives it a nicer flavour, let it simmer for a few minutes and then top with mash and a little grated cheese, serve with a selection of veg. the non...