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    The General Havelock

    New member here - but in belated reply to Phil's post no 38 the photograph he posted is The General Havelock in Aston Road North. My dad was the licencee here in the 50's and the window to the right of the lantern light in the pubs flat roof was my Bedroom. The bar did slope and I recall the...
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    Army records Richard William Hirst private 242751 RWR.

    I've see images of these records on my Ancestry account (military records) which confirms his battalion, overseas service and discharge date due to wounds as 31st December 1917. He was 20 years old at the time. I'm reluctant to post these record images as they are copyright but they can be seen...
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    Army records Richard William Hirst private 242751 RWR.

    242751 Private Richard Hirst was in the 2/6th Battalion Royal Warwick Regiment. He served overseas and was discharged 31st December 2017. He was awarded the Victory Medal and British War Medal. I can't find any more information but you could deduce a little from the Regiment's WW1 record which...
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    Yew Tree pub sign Witton

    Hi Banjo, in response to your query about the sign at the Yew Tree pub in Witton (post no 14) you are spot on. I lived at the Yew Tree Pub, on the corner of Brookvale Road/Birch Road Witton in the early sixties (my dad was the licensee) and there was a sign on the gable of the house next door to...
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    Aston Lower Grounds

    In the early years of the 17th Century Sir Thomas Holte, a wealthy landowner, built a large stately home set atop of a sandstone ridge, two miles north of Birmingham Town. In the old dialect it was called Eastun (East Town, later Aston) Hall. It overlooked a shallow valley of open fields and...
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    Cross Guns,pub And The Marquis Of Lorne

    I lived in the Marquis of Lorne (Aston) for a few years in the late 1950's and attach a photo of my dad's pub, at a higher resolution than that posted above. The Marquis of Lorne stood on the corner of Cecil Street and New Town Row in Aston, sadly since demolished. The pub was an architectural...