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    Rickman Matisse

    Bernie, I'm pretty sure it was spelled Metisse, which, I'm told, is French for mongrel bitch. I well remember that Vale-Onslow's had a display bike in the showroom window and that I ached to own it. (wonder how many people are now googling Metisse). Ian
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    Hunters Moon Castle Bromwich

    The signs on the temporary fencing state that it's going to reopen as a Hungry Horse establishment. Ian
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    Coventry Road (arthur St) Tram/trolley/bus Garage

    Ann, I well remember Colin working there. He was working for Keith Steele and Chris Cusak. I gave them the job! Plumbling, new concrete floors and several othe tasks were undertaken. Colin was very good at moaning about.....well, pretty much everything, but it was mostly tongue in cheek, I...
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    Maternity Hospital Heathfield Road

    We could call it Ramipril Revisited. Ian
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    Maternity Hospital Heathfield Road

    Just found this thread. I too was born at this Hospital, in 1949. Dorothy Dodson's post reminded me that my Mom was "detained" for quite a long spell before my birth as she also had high blood pressure. Must be a family thing as I'm treated for high blood pressure! Ian
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    The Salutation Inn and warwick Castle

    Shame you haven't got a picture showing the back of that Honda. I'd swear that was my mate's CB160. BOF 334C. He bought it new in 1965 and specified a white Avon Dolphin fairing and a rear luggage rack, both of which feature in the pic. And, of course, it's a Honda CB160................. Ian
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    Pub Known as The "Tatters" in Aston

    A bloke called Larry Hynes ran the Brittania and a nearby scrap yard in the mid to late 70's. Next time I see him in the Trident, Shard End, I'll ask him. Ian
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    The Matchmaker,Kitts Green

    Marston Green Tavern.....or possibly The Bell, down Bell Lane but I always regarded that as Tile Cross. Ian
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    Delving Round Digbeth

    Mark, you may be pleased to know that the Nuneaton sign is still in place, albeit rather more faded than when shown in your photo. Not surprising, really. It's made from a bit of 18mm plywood screwed to a frame made from cheap slotted steel angle and attached to the post with Jubillee Clips...
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    Cattell Road between the Atlas and Arsenal St

    It changed it's name to The Roost and it's still called that despite having been shut and boarded up for a good while. Now reopened and rather nicely refurbished. Popular on match days....... Ian
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    Delving Round Digbeth

    Lloyd, thank you for that, I'd half suspected it was something along those lines.....pun fully intended. I'll have to take a photo of the arched entrance/doorway set into the Liverpool Street brick buttress and post it on here, maybe someone will be able to tell me what it was all about. Ian
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    Delving Round Digbeth

    Peter, what a cracking read. I run a small business in Moseley Street, Digbeth, so spend a good deal of my time in and around the area. You've certainly opened my eyes to my surroundings. Of particular interest to me is the unfinished railway bridge at the junction of Liverpool St and Heathmill...
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    Jaguar Heritage Museum Reopens

    I was chatting to a chap recently, about the E-type, and he suggested that I wished I'd still got it. I told him that I'd sold it 32 years ago,to fund the deposit on my home, currently worth much, much more than it's worth then. The Jag would now be worth a little more than I sold it for...
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    Remember hand signals

    Back in the day a friend of mine failed his driving test for changing gear with his left hand whilst making a hand signal with his right.....look Mom, no hands! Ian
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    Jaguar Heritage Museum Reopens

    I'll pop over and have a look one day soon. Always loved Jags. I've owned a Mk11 3.4 Saloon, a Mk.11 3.8 Saloon and a Series1 E-Type FHC in Carmen Red with chrome wire wheels. GUB 580D where are you now? I loved you! Ian