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Recent content by wages clerk

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    Dolphin Lane School

    what memories !! the infant classes in the huts top of th playground,the air raid shelters no longer in use but dark and frightening. the lovely teachers, the chanting of th times tables(istill use them).i can still see mrs holder writing on th blackboard bi,cy,cle =bicycle. there is there are...
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    Harrison Barrow Grammar School Hartfield Crescent County School

    i went to harrison barrow grammar school i think 1950-55 i was always in the Beta classes. mrs macneill was a horrible person only interested in "well off parents". those of us that left at 16 instead of going on to 6th form were told we should not have gone to HER grammar school and called us...
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    Hartfield Crescent Ninestiles School

    my two sisters and my brother went to hartfield crescent. one half was boys the other was girls. the girls became hartfield crescent grammar for girls the boys became hartfield crescent secondary mixed.mrs. macneill (horrible woman) was headmistress and when i went to the grammar school...
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    'Orse Road

    my mom had chickens off rag and bone man around easter times and kept them in the remains of the anderson shelter.xmas dinner!!
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    is this the same as kunzles choc. factory five ways? my sisters first job early 1950(aprox).filling choc boxes.conveyor belt started slowly and gradually speeded up.brought home bag of mishap chocs on friday.memories!!
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    'Orse Road

    just found this thread. how about pumps(plimsoles). any road up(point of conversation) down the suff(drain) never in the reign of pigs puddin(never) ower kid(sibbling)parkie(park keeper)(park warden)donnies(hands) lovely memories!!
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    Motorcycle Shops

    is this the same Alan Taylor that lived in pool farm road. I (joyce Gurdin) lived across the road from the Taylors.
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    Motorcycle Shops

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    Motorcycle Shops

    I think you're right Elmdon Boy. my husband bought his first BSA in 1956 or thereabouts then a BSA A10 and finally his pride and joy a BSA Super Rocket (XOC 224) to which he added an AVON STREAMLINER. happy days! The rocket was still being taxed by someone up to a few years ago!!!
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    Wilmot Breeden Limited

    I worked in the wages dept Amington Road late 50s early 60s. wages were done by using punch cards later we used accounting machines (NCR 32) later still enter the computer.I sometimes helped on the Staff Payroll (all Coded of course) and remember querying an axpense receipt for a camera for...
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    Motorcycle Shops

    C&D Autos Acocks Green run by two brothers for years who could fix anything
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    Motorcycle Shops