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Recent content by Villian64

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    Hope Street School Birmingham

    my dad was a pupil till 1936
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    Kings heath Junior and infant school

    hi 1st picture from private collection, this is my dads class 1930
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    The Valley pub, Billesley

    pins for Laughton's /Elbiefs probably
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    Perfecta Seamless Tube Works Plume Street Aston

    worked here 92 - 94 delivery driver and despatch graham lippett was my gaffer
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    Co-op high st bham

    my aunt Beatrice Abbott was accounts I think..shes still with us at 94
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    Co-op high st bham

    remember those 2 names..my dad was a co-op butcher Reg Sarsfield..Mace was area manager , didnt like him Geoff was dads mate, i did my training late 70's..remember a area manager Brown?
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    FLIGHT's Coaches

    3 brothers, Andy Matthew and Nigel
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    FLIGHT's Coaches

    theres 3 sons..i worked for claribels in the 00's
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    Supermarket delivery slots during lockdown 2020

    have you been and registered online..hard but once you get letter you may get a delivery
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    Pubs Of The Past

    ive seen this listed as the dolphin..grandad drank here being a pool farm road resident..warwick road wasnt the width we think back 1900..the right turn after is not there yet
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    Good music to listen to on U Tube

    wife loves that one
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    Penfold Golf ball factory. Bromford Lane

    my mom worked there 1950's but I've been unable to find any pictures as such
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    Good music to listen to on U Tube

    im a old rocker and we're doing a advent calendar and this was my tune today
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    Transport Companies in Birmingham.

    Drove for Lynx 90's
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    the dolphin

    grandad was on dominoes team bill matthews