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    Tower street

    Hello mossg, I also went to St. George’s primary and infant school during that time and think I left about 1958 to go to Summer Lane School. (guess I may be slightly younger than you 73). (Keith Ashley was around my age and David was his older brother). Hospital Street was the next road on the...
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    Tower street

    Hello Ray, I was born at 23 Tower Street in 1948 and lived there until 1958. My family name is Bache (Phil and Nellie were my parents) At the same time my Grandfathers Henry Bache and Harry Spencer and my cousin Linda Bache lived in the back houses up the entry behind 25. My best friend Keith...
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    Tower street

    I was born and lived at 23 Tower Street between 1948 and 1958. What were the names of your great grandparents as I may have known them?
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    Mum & Dad somewhere in Aston

    I bought a car from Mists garage in the mid 70’s and the salesman (a small man with black hair think his name was Reg was very helpful), I was in my mid 20’s and lived in Perry Barr opposite Enid Goodwin Dance Club at the time. The small showroom was at the end of Soho Road (which continued onto...
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    Summer Lane School

    This is definitely Mr. Edwards who took P.E. Classes whilst I was at Summer Lane School 1959-1962. I remember him personally taking me to Cricket practice at Warwickshire Cricket Ground as part of being in the Summer Lane School Cricket Club. I left St. George’s C of E junior School to go to...
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    T. Elvins & Sons Ltd

    I started work at Elvins in 1962 Immediately after leaving Summer Lane School at the age of 14. I was in the costing office and my boss was Mr. Bertie alongside with his lady assistant who I was terrified of. I also had to make tea when the tea lady was off and take it around the offices and to...
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    Perry Hall the house

    Yes. I also went on the paddle boats around the moat in the late 50’s after we moved to Perry Barr from the inner city (Hockley). Didn’t even know that Perry Hall park existed before then let alone the Hall. There is a photo on an earlier post that shows children on the paddle boats around the moat.
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    Unett Street

    Hello Mark, Great photos of Unett Street. I used to live in Tower Street around the corner and had a couple of friends who lived there early 60’s. Johnny Norton in Mosborough Crescent who tragically died at a young age and Ronnie (Summer Lane School) who lived in a block of flats at the end of...
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    St Gerards Hospital, Coleshill

    Hello Tom, My wife Ann (maiden name Butler) was about 10 when she was at St. Gerrards around 1959 and spent a year there in traction for T.B. of the knee. She also had her plaster signed by Nina and Frederick (must have been the same day).
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    St Gerards Hospital, Coleshill

    Hello Ingrid, My wife Ann (maiden name Butler) was around 10 when she was a patient at St. Gerrards about 1959 and spent a year there in a leg traction for T.B. of the knee. She always remembers a visit of Nina and Frederick and we named our daughter Nina in 1979.
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    Tower blocks Perry Barr demolition.

    I lived in Livingstone Road (which was in between the tower blocks on Birchfield Road) around 1962 when I was in my young teens and the Enid Goodwin dancing Club was exactly opposite to my house. It was a great move from Hockley as we had an indoor toilet apposed to an outside one shared between...
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    Summer Lane School

    Hello Tina, Did your dad have a younger sister called Carol as A Carol Carless was in my class during the early sixties. Our form teacher was Mr. Creasy.
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    Summer Lane School

    Hello Celia, I think I remember Joe Jinks was he at Summer Lane School around 1959 - 1963 and did he move to Pope Hayes area..
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    Thomas Elvins New Street Birmingham 1781

    Elvins in Naden Road, Handsworth, was my first job in 1962 at the age of 14 after leaving Summer Lane School. We were kind of was asked to respond to the owners as Mr. Tom or Mr. John. I was in the costing office run by Mr. Bertie (who I thought was quite old at the time) Looking back it was a...