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    Heaton St Hockley

    This Picture was from an old article that was published in The Bham Evening Mail also captioned as being Heaton St Hockley.
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    Home Guard

    Hi All i am posting this Photo for a friend Margaret Fry it is of her father Victor Fry .It is taken outside the Clifton Picturehouse on the Walsall Rd I think it was taken around 1942/3 Her Dad is in the back row first one on the right side in uniform.
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    Lozells Girls School

    Another Photo has cropped up Lyn belonging to Margaret Fry and with her permission i said i would post it on here. She said it was photo of a school trip to the Lake District from Lozells Secondary girls 1964. Different years were on this trip so not one specific class.
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    Harry lucas school

    Lovely to see a pic of the school . I didnt go there but used to go to Play Centre a couple of nights a week . Not sure if this pic has been on before of the football team which shows Frankie Lambert at the back left next to teacher. Trevor Goody ( my bro in law holding the ball).
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    Clifton Road Aston

    Yes it was a very scary time when we were kids Lyn . The police also did a search of our entry and backyard when we lived in Clifford St
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    Clifton Road Aston

    Not sure if this pic has been on before it was taken from the Bham Mail some time back. Sadly it was of Margaret Reynolds funeral in 1966.
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    Newtown shopping centre

    I can remember there being a Poxons and Walter Smiths.
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    Harry Clark Family History

    I lived at 176 Clifford St Lozells. Our house was situated between Lozells St and Burbury St.
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    Summer Lane Pubs

    Wasnt that the Man O War Astonian ?
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    Summer Lane

    Thanks Mike for the info........ That would would be nice if that were to happen Lyn xx
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    Summer Lane

    Just posting these couple of pics for my friend. She came across this grave at Witton Cemetery today. I thought you might find interesting
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    GPs in Gerrard Street

    Our old Dr was Dr Hamilton in the 50s. It was on Summer Lane . There used to be a family who lived above the Surgery.
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    Wheeler Street

    Fabulous pics Lyn they bring back so many memories. Hubby lived directly opposite Manor Garage #205.
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    Little king st hockley

    Thanks Brian at first i thought of the 69 . I had forgotten about all the Lucas buses. .
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    Little king st hockley

    Some more great pics Lyn......I wonder what number bus that would have been on the last photo? #3