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Recent content by tim eborn

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    Old street pics..

    Sorry to hear Astonian is no longer with us ( don't get on here as much as I used to !). Feeling that I've lost a very distant friend. Welcome aboard S Shepherd.
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    Photos from top of new building opposite Old Fire Station and Childrens hospital

    Went back in 1978 and was driving along Broad St and was saying to the family in the back of the hired motorhome " This hasnt altered much then suddenly finding that we were going down the tunnel under Five Ways ". Cheers
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    Photos from top of new building opposite Old Fire Station and Childrens hospital

    The old city is certainly spreading. Took it all for granted before I left in 1961but would find it difficult to find my way around now.
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    Singer Sewing machines

    My wife who is from Glasgow ( yes a mixed marriage ) worked at Singers prior to coming to Australia. When we were younger Maggie did a lot of sewing, mainly on a trusty Singer treadle , if anything went wobbly the girl set too and fixed it herself. Though we had another brand electric one the...
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    Canals of Birmingham

    Never truly appreciated the canals whilst growing up in Brum and the Uk. Was aware of them and an Aunty and her family lived beside one in Elmdon Heath. As a kid often visited and would run to see a passing barge when we heard it chugging towards us. When newly married my parents dug up a small...
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    11 Plus Exams

    At only 82 I feel that some of you are making me feel a bit inadequate.
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    11 Plus Exams

    I failed the 11plus. I was supposed to go to Waverley Rd Grammer School where I sat the exam. I turned up for the exam and I freaked out at the the very thought of having to go there if I passed. The place just filled me with dread. As I was a pretty good student it came as a suprise to my...
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    Cannon Hill Park

    Can remember the lake being frozen in 1947 which is the coldest and longest winter I remember. Mind I left the UK in June 1963. Spent a lot of time Cannon Hill Park , a real wonderland.
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    They Were Caught In Our Old Street Pics...

    My family were quite involved with St Agatha's and I was during the 1950's a member of the Boy Scouts, Church Lads Brigade, Youth Club and Altar Boy. I hasten to add I was not a Goody Goody but at that time it filled a gap. It was an Anglo Catholic, Church of England and as such it was attended...
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    Handsworth Technical School

    One time Mr Sheldrake was talking away and I was in the front row happily designing a car which was a cross between an Aston Martin DB 2 and a Jaguar and I specified a weight of 12 cwt. I became aware of a silence as I was sprung and to everyone 's amusement he said something to the effect that...
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    dance halls

    Bit late with answer but it was in Walford Rd, just off Stratford Rd.
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    Birmingham Town Hall

    Yes Johnny Dankworth was I think a regular favourite. Very likely wrong but to me he was so in love with Cleo that he surrenderd his everything to her. She had a great voice but I didn't like her style. I'm not a musician, just like what I like. Great days and happy memories.
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    Birmingham Town Hall

    Went to see Trad Jazz there in the 50's saw Stan Kenton , Dutch Swing Colledge and we were introduced to a young Cleo Lane. Happy Times ! Cheers Tim
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    Tower blocks Perry Barr demolition.

    Worked at a University here in Melbourne Aust. There were a few tall building and the windows would open only enough to let in fresh air. I was suprised that there have been a few suicides.There was a high percentage of o/seas students and some seemed to be under a great deal of family pressure.
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    In the Garden 2020

    Love the name Spike, if it's a girl she is a girl with attitude!