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    BCT's First Lady.

    Should have mentioned that we had women driving in wartime. My early childhood memories included seeing the 'camoflaged' buses outside the Kyotts Lake depot in Sparkbrook. In those days, Mom was making munitions at the BSA in Small Heath.
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    BCT's First Lady.

    Very proud of her. Took a lot of courage to drive those big buses. Photos were from the Evening Mail.
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    BCT's First Lady.

    My mother Betty Widlake, became Birmingham's first woman bus driver. She worked as a conductress for some years than the threat of one-man operations loomed over her job so she went to the gaffer and told him she wasn't about to be put out of a job. He sent her to school to get a PSV licemce and...
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    Birmingham Nightclubs of the Past - Memories

    There was a night club on Smallbrook Ringway at the junction of Hurst St in the early 70's. Entrance was in the Hurst St Subway. What was it called? Anyone remember?