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Recent content by Suze

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    Snead and Knibbs

    What more sad news....enjoy every minute eh ?
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    Snead and Knibbs

    Hello...I'm so sorry to hear of the early deaths of your family . Mickey was my friend so we were probably the same age...I'm 69 now and still working We had lots of innocent fun....outside...on the canal banks...at the back of Poveys wood yard...I think it's built on now
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    Hand Family

    Hello Jason, Delighted to see the photo,thank you. I see a family resemblance. I was in touch with your Mum,but then sadly when she passed away,that was lost. Do you still have all of her work ? If so I would love to perhaps meet up ? Somewhere there is a facility to private message each other...
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    Ear cleansing.

    We used to see Dr Sudki...he must have been 100 when he retired !
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    Jubbly - Frozen Drink

    I remember a Jubbly was a reward for shopping for Mum....they cost 4d...
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    Door Knobs

    Shame isn't it....?
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    It's Chriiiiiiiiiiistmaaaaas

    My favourite Christmas song......fun,happy....and from the Midlands!
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    It's Chriiiiiiiiiiistmaaaaas

    Or are you aka Michael Buble
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    It's Chriiiiiiiiiiistmaaaaas

    I think it's a lovely touch....did you used to be in Slade
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    Door Knobs

    Pjmburns Thanks for the link...an interesting read I wonder if the building is still there
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    Door Knobs

    What did Parkes of Wolverhampton make?
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    Plush Nuggets

    Until quite recently we sold them...I'll check out why we don't now Suze
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    Plush Nuggets

    I was wondering if I had made this up...but...there were plush nuggets weren't there? Talking to Mum yesterday about nostalgia...makes a change from aches and pains and ( might even had asked this question before)..can you still get them,who made them? I look every time I see an old fashioned...
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    Elmdon Airport

    Morning Love this site.... ....just remembering when our day out was to dress up in our Sunday best..take a picnic and watch the planes....simple pleasures in th 50's with four children and not much money. Does anyone know if Elmdon was a military airport? Thanks
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    Aston Road North

    Strange to remember that address!. I'll have a look at the site Thanks