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    The church opposite Ravenhurst Rd on the High Street was the original Baptist Chapel. The church in South Street was the Methodist Chapel.
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    ‘Thanks to diphtheria, a pushy Mum and an MP, we got a house ... and I got a future’

    Really appreciated reading your story. Can emphazise with you as I had a similar background but not of the same interest as I'm only a Brummie by adoption. Born in Toxteth and passed the 11+ which was first step towards self-improvement.,
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    Colmore sub-district

    Should have mentioned - check on Forum under Loveday Street
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    Colmore sub-district

    Hi, think it was Loveday Street Maternity Hospital. Some pictures & info on Google.
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    In the Garden 2020

    Yippee, first rose of the season, in our garden! This is Shropshire Lad. Last year was great for our roses, looking at the number of buds forming, this year may be even better. Odd that only this bud is opening - just need a fewdays of sunshine and hopefully the rest will follow.
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    Where is this church?

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    Kings Heath

    Just looking at some older posts about Kings Heath and asked my wife about this one. Irene says that there has never been a TESCO in Kings Heath but there was one in Moseley Village. She thinks this building was a FineFare supermarket.
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    In the Garden 2020

    My wife always keeps any leftover seeds and uses them over the next few years but thinks that fewer germinate which may be why seed companies advise not to keep. Garden has caught up with the season. Here's a phot in ours showing last daffadil, tulips a bit early and an odd wallflower [these...
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    Do You Have Any Up To Date Pics Of Your Pets

    This is my Bella - then and now. Found her dumped at the road side back in 2008 - just a 5 month old pup! Took to local dog pound, she wasn't claimed & we were lucky to be able to adopt her. She is now 12 yrs old and just brilliant. Mind you at 40kg she is big even for a german shepherd but has...
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    The crisis is bringing out the best in many people. We are trying to follow the gov. guidance as far as we can - we're old and not in the best of health. Some lovely offers of help from neighbours. Sad to read that our MP [Hall Green] has been warned by the police for breaking the gov...
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    Moseley Letter Box

    Owner of the house in question has applied yet again for retrospective planning permission, as he has on previous occasions. Here's what the local residents assoc has to say about it: I write on behalf of the St Agnes Residents Association to OBJECT to this Retrospective Application for the...
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    How did they get their names?

    Perhaps it's old age, but I do wish that the breweries had left pub names alone. I liked the old names particularly when they were of long standing and everyone knew which one you were referring to.
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    Hudson's book shops

    I knew Hudsons very well for a time. I was a Local college librarian & we bought all our books from them. I then moved on to Birmingham Public Libraries. Again, Hudsons had the contract to supply BHam Libraries with books & what a joy that was. Weekly visit to the Book Purchase Dept to look at...
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    Birmingham ship lights

    JOSEPH LUCAS: Copied from ELTA News: 1875 – The Ship’s Lamp After moving to Great King Street in Birmingham (Eventually the site of the famous Great King Street Factory); Lucas began producing its first lamp for ships called the “Tom Bowling”. A patent was applied for in 1875. The patent was...