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Recent content by superdad3

  1. superdad3

    Scams: Telephone, email, texts, other 2021

    Hi, many thanks for details of article. Yes, please PM name etc of reporter. The situation is every bit as bad as the article suggests. Looks like the company will be removed from register at my address. That then leaves the company director registered at my address. Yes, really. To remove that...
  2. superdad3

    Scams: Telephone, email, texts, other 2021

    Hi, yes checked on Companies House website. Only gives name of company, address [ie my address] and name of [only] director & nothing else of any use. That's it.
  3. superdad3

    Scams: Telephone, email, texts, other 2021

    Update: Companies House: 1. Filled in two forms, had to provide proof that I actually live at my address [but the fraudser registering a company at my address didn't need to!!!]. 2. Companies House then sent me two replies [one to each form], ditto to the company to my house, ditto to the named...
  4. superdad3

    Uplands Cemetery dates

    If you mean Uplands Cemetery in Sandwell/Smethwick it was opened in 1890. If you are trying to trace a grave there a quick easy check, but not comprehensive, is to check on www.findagrave.com/cemetery/2321642/smethwick-cemetery This contains 3000+ records many with photographs.
  5. superdad3

    40 Coldbath Road Kings Heath

    Hi, just a very small point. Swanshurst [Road] ie Lane is in Moseley rather than Kings Heath. Historically ie before 1912 it was in Yardley Parish.
  6. superdad3

    The Gothic - Great Hampton Street

    Wow! What a brilliant "picture" - hope it really does look like this on completion - another piece of heritage saved. The building next door was originally involved in the jewelry trade and later [about 1963?]The Marmoset Nightclub. The building features on the Urban Exploration site and shows...
  7. superdad3

    Severn valley railway.

    It was the Duke of Gloucester. He visited the SVR on a number of occasions. Have attached another phot of his visit to Bridgenorth on17 Oct 2019.
  8. superdad3

    News of help in future to those seeking graves (for C of E)

    Sounds really interesting. Has it gone live yet as I was unable to find it online? Have you got a web site address? Many thanks.
  9. superdad3

    Lloyds Bank

    Fascinating thread. The Taylors of"Taylor & Lloyds Bank are a topic I am very interested in. It was John Taylor & his son John Taylor (junior) who as mentioned were co-founders with the Lloyd family of the bank. John Taylor 1711-1775 was originally a cabinet maker who set up a factory in Union...
  10. superdad3

    News of help in future to those seeking graves (for C of E)

    Mikegee: that's really interesting to know. As touched on there are a number of search possibilities. For C of E first step contact the church via their website - they are usually very helpful. This is for recent records - older burial records will probably be, as mentioned, in Library of...
  11. superdad3

    what is a true brummy

    What is a brummie? This was touched on in a thread yesterday but was quite rightly moderated/deleted as off topic. Must have been posted about before but I can't find it, so here goes. Simple definition is probably someone who was born in Birmingham. But what about someone who was born eg in...
  12. superdad3

    Severn valley railway.

    This photo reminded me that this isn't the original signal box at Arley. The original GWR box was dismantled and some of it used at Bridgenorth. When the SVR reached Arley the disused signal box at Yorton (Shropshire) was moved to Arley and restored. And what a brilliant job they made of it -...
  13. superdad3

    Llewellyn Ryland, Haden St., Balsall Heath

    "Dope" was usually based on Amyl Acetate which was still widely used until recently. Main [or only?] constituent in cellulose thinners and used for nail varnish removal. Was used for cleaning book covers in Birmingham Libraries some years ago until banned by Health & Safety Officer. Safety info...
  14. superdad3

    Llewellyn Ryland, Haden St., Balsall Heath

    For a few months I have been driving down Moseley Road to Highgate and have been intrigued by the tall, obviously old, chimney stack towering over Haden Street. I made a detour today to see what it was. It's sited in the middle of the factory complex of Llewellyn Ryland Ltd. which is a very old...
  15. superdad3

    Scams: Telephone, email, texts, other 2021

    A new scam/fraud? Received a letter addressed to company at my address. Didn't think too much about it. Put back in postbox endorsed "not known at this address". Then received another letter, this time from Companies House which is the gov agency for registering companies etc. Checked on line...