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  1. superdad3

    Trafalgar road moselely

    Really enjoyed reading this. What a lot of info & history. Sadly "The Trafalgar" has been renamed "The Patrick Cavanagh". Not sure why but I can't help but feel another small piece of Moseley's history gone.
  2. superdad3

    Trafalgar road moselely

    Came across this on ebay and thought it might be of interest. Postally used 1910. Similar view to #7.
  3. superdad3

    Scams: Telephone, email, texts, other 2021

    Smart Meters - what an interesting thread. Here's an interesting quote - "the full cost of the smart meter rollout, of over £11bn, will have to be recouped from consumers through higher energy bills. This could work out at £374 per household, a figure that looks likely to rise as the full...
  4. superdad3

    Scams: Telephone, email, texts, other 2021

    I watched the u tube video "The Great smart meter swindle" with interest. I also read the adverse comments on it from David Grain & Morturn. I have never understood the purpose/value of smart meters - I would get nothing out of having one and have have always declined having one. The video...
  5. superdad3

    Haircuts now and then

    Grew up with "short back & sides". After moving to Moseley 50+ years ago used to visit "Tom's" in York Rd [Tom passed away a long time ago] until the Covid lockdown. My son has long cut his own hair [very short all over] and volunteered to do mine. He made a very good job of it - still "short...
  6. superdad3

    Library Of Birmingham Web Site

    I speak as a Chartered Librarian with 40 years experience with Birmingham Library Services. I remember being sent on a course, must be 30 years ago!, on digitalising library photographic collections and coming back all enthusiastic. Sadly the powers that be and the Local Studies Dept. didn't...
  7. superdad3

    Wake Green Road

    Just came across this fascinating postcard for sale on ebay which set me off thinking as it does. The building looks Georgian perhaps and the postcard was postmarked in 1903. The building is long gone. If you look carefully above the roof of the building you can see a cupola with a weather...
  8. superdad3

    Scams: Telephone, email, texts, other 2021

    My first email scam of2021: email reputedly from Royal Mail with all the right logos etc saying that they had tried to deliver a parcel & no answer. Click here, give correct address & PAY £3.00!! No card put through door [we were in!] & Royal Mail don't charge to redeliver. Take care.
  9. superdad3

    In The Garden 2021

    Had a good mouch around the garden today. Still a few roses out & a few more buds which hopefully might open if we don't have any more frost/snow. I can't remember in 40 years at our house ever having roses out for Christmas. Primroses starting to flower all over the garden. Blackbirds, pigeons...
  10. superdad3

    Private Park in Moseley?

    Hi, bit off topic but: The estate agency mentioned was Owen Woods in 1982 run by father & son. Owen Woods was for many years a BCC councillor, rather than an employee, if it's the same guy. Very good firm - sold our house for £6000 more than "a rather dodgy firm" in Kings Heath valued it at. A...
  11. superdad3

    Did you meet your partner In Brum?

    I met my Brummie wife as a student in Liverpool in 1966. First day of term sitting waiting for lecture to start when Irene walked in. Wham, love at first sight. 54 years and three children later, still feel the same and still in Brum after 52 years.
  12. superdad3

    The Birmingham Pals in the Great War

    Came across this on Ebay & thought it might be of interest. Said to be outside Springhill College.
  13. superdad3

    Vine Inn Harborne

    Very interesting thread. If we weren't in Tier 3 etc I would have suggested a visit to Harborne Library. They have over a 1000 photos of Harborne including about 100 on the High Street. The picture of the Vine in 1965 appears in the book called "Old Haborne" by Roy Clarke [aka Superdad3] which...
  14. superdad3

    Henry Pooley & Sons

    I was looking at a U Tube video of Dinorwic Quarry near Llanberis. High up in the quarry was a weighing machine made by Henry Pooley. Must be very old and possibly the highest ever Pooley weighing machine. Too high for me to even think of visiting!!
  15. superdad3

    W & T Avery Roll of Honour?

    Came across this site which has a phot of. https://www.warmemorialsonline.org.uk/memorial/222321/