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    Birmingham Irish

    My father came over from westmeath in Ireland with his 3 brothers in 1953 they all ended up in lime street station liverpool where I was told thousands of Irish people went to when they first came over it was probably the liverpool docks for work that drew them there.one of my uncles ended up in...
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    Waggon and Horses - High Street Aston

    Yes the wagon and horses brings back memories for me back in the late 60s.I was waiting for my mum to come out of the hippodrum where she was playing bingo (who by the way should not of been in there)when I seen my dad walking down the high street he must of finished work early and I knew my mum...
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    Birmingham Irish

    I am sure it was the Garyowen club on wordsworth rd smallheath which is no longer there I think it shut down in 2005 .I never went there but I had heard about it .In the later years it became a very rough club.
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    Valentine day

    HUMBUGS ! I think you all need one of the love arrows through your hearts to get you motivated !!!!!!!! Ha ha
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    FLIGHT's Coaches

    Was there a flights office in Aston by Miller street garage in the early mid 60s as I remember going on a flights coach on a day trip to Alton towers which by the way was no where near as big as the Alton towers today i only remember there being a few small rides.
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    Give us yer donny

    My mother use to use the word Fandangle .I remember her using this word (which I believe means useless ornament) when the mobile phones came out the ones that looked like a black brick she would say ^another useless Fandangle^ How wrong she was ^bless her^.
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    George Clay - Music Centre

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    Sayings, legends and customs.

    Yes I was told the same red and white was unlucky to have in flowers as the red represents blood and the white represents bandages.ALso two of my friends had red and white theme at their weddings and they are both divorced now !!!!!!!!
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    I remember in the 70s catching my bus home at the top of new street by the townhall the number 5 bus (now num 7) it was opposite the abc new street cinema where I once queued in 1975 for ages to see Jaws the movie .I always thought it funny at the entrance of the cinema there was a big fish tank...
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    Marsh Hill Girls Grammar Tech School

    Hi i started in the late 60s like you had my dance tunic made also .I did not buy the summer uniform also the straw boater hat or the summer dress.The only place we could buy the uniform was from a shop round the corner I think it was by banks.I remember our berets was demobbed by the older...
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    Childhood Memories Of Trains

    My only memories of trains was in the 60s when we were taken every year to Ireland for our holidays.We would catch a train from snowhill to holyhead where we then went on the ferry.I never remembered ever sitting in any of the carriages as they were always packed so we always ended up in the...
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    Birmingham Nightclubs of the Past - Memories

    I remember in 1974 I was working in Asda in the pallasades 5 till 8 and when I finished the center was crowded with young girls all dressed in tartan they were queuing up to see bay city rollers in the odeon and the queue went from the odeon all the way up the ramp and into the shopping mall...
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    Marsh Hill Girls Grammar Tech School

    The only things I hated at the school was the showers we were forced to have .The gym teacher would stand with a book and write down the reasons why we could not shower,the towels were that small they never covered all our modesty !!! They we more like tea towels and when it was summer we were...
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    Childhood Memories

    There must of been people that got killed or seriously hurt falling off these platforms on the buses.I remember hanging on with dear life when we went round witton circle we always went to the edge of the platform cus it was more thrilling going round the circle on the number 11 bus. We could...