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Recent content by Steve R

  1. Steve R

    The Birmingham Pals in the Great War

    In the Birmingham Pals history of the 14th battalion there is a C Crisp who is on the Manifolda Limited roll of honour in West Bromwich. Could this be your relative?
  2. Steve R

    Woman's Auxiliary Police Force Birmingham

    Hello Lyn Thank you for the offer of this and something I would like to take you up on. We have the original statue in the museum which will feature at the Lock Up when the work is done to transform it into the museum. We are currently emptying the building waiting for a starting date for the...
  3. Steve R

    Woman's Auxiliary Police Force Birmingham

    Very nice picture. The WAPC played an important role supporting Birmingham City police. Mainly used for clerical duties during the war. There were other auxiliaries also during WWII such as the Police Auxiliary messenger (PAMS) First Police Reserve (FPR) Police War Reserve (PWR) and of course...
  4. Steve R

    Help With Locating An Image Please

    Just seen this thread. I also became more interested in thread because of the pubs. I was hoping post 14 was going to say the pub was called 'The Monkey House' or the New inn as it was formally know according to the press. More research required Steve R
  5. Steve R

    Stag and Pheasant - Bromsgrove Street

    A great start to the research. Never ceases to amaze me the information than can be found. Steve R
  6. Steve R

    Pubs Of The Past

    RobT I have tried to PM you to confirm who has copyright of this picture of the Stag & Pheasant. Could you try and PM me and let me know please. Steve R
  7. Steve R

    Pubs Of The Past

    Brilliant Thank you all. Steve R
  8. Steve R

    Pubs Of The Past

    Mike Post 1573 I have seen this picture before but didn't think it was the same pub as the road name Henage Street? runs down the side but in the papers it is Pershore Street/Bromsgrove Street? Did the road layout/name change Steve R
  9. Steve R

    Pubs Of The Past

    Hello all I am after a little help to find some pictures of old public houses for our heritage project. The first is called the Stag & Pheasant. It is reported in a local paper in 1895 as being located at Pershore Street/Bromsgrove Street. I have looked on the www.midlandspubs.co.uk but cannot...
  10. Steve R

    Steelhouse Lane Police Station..the End Of An Era

    Hello all Some of you will be aware that I have been working with my colleague Corinne on relocating the West Midlands police museum from Sparkhill police station to the former Lock - Up facility in Steelhouse Lane. Moving the museum became necessary following the announcement that Sparkhill PS...
  11. Steve R


    Lyn Thank you. A great find. Strange really that these pictures of stunning beauty are a reminder of such tragedy and suffering. Just to remind people that the volunteers at the former police Lock - Up facility on Steelhouse Lane have an open day on the 9th November which will have a remembrance...
  12. Steve R


    Lyn Thank you for the pictures. Steve R
  13. Steve R


    Lyn Great photo, where was that taken? Steve R
  14. Steve R

    Horses on the canals

    Great picture at post 7. Didn't realise that we still had them at the 70's. Good luck with the research. Steve R
  15. Steve R

    Birmingham Police strike 1919

    Hello all The West Midlands police museum have released their latest book to commemorate 100 years since the police strike. Very few people are aware that the officer went on strike but at the beginning of August 1919, 120 Birmingham policemen went on strike - joined by officers from London and...