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Recent content by Steve.c

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    Birmingham streets named after people

    Hi, Does anyone know if Carl Chinn has written a book on Birmingham Street Names? Regards Steve
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    Birmingham Documentary

    Great documentary - this is the sought of thing we need on TV not programmes like 'Benefits Street'.
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    The Woodman

    I'm so happy this place has re-opened, such a beautiful old pub. I have very fond memories of nights in this pub and can't wait to visit it again.
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    Bullring pub

    Hi Astonian,No I never did any bar work back then, although I was doing a bit in my local British Legion until recently.I used to drink in The Nest often, along with my best pals (Boyle family, Jimmy,John, Jason, Mable etc...) Also drank in the Emerald, The Gables, The White Lion, The Crossed...
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    Bullring pub

    Thanks for the info Astonian, thats really intersting!Did/do you by any chance know the McCarron family, they had a couple of pubs around Birmingham, one being 'The Nest' in small heath (formally the New inns) I believe it is now a mosque or somalian internet cafe thing.
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    Bullring pub

    Hi Does anyone remember the name of a pub that was in the old bull ring around the late 90's, I think it was near St. Martins Church at the top of a ramp, I'm failry sure that below the ramp was 'Oswald Baily' camping store. May have been an Irish pub.RegardsSteve
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    Obtaining medals

    Hi, My grandfather has recently passed away, he was in the Royal Navy during WWII and served on several ships before eventually switching to the Submarine Service. When he left the Navy his children (My father and uncles) lost his medals playing in the garden. I have just 2 of his service...
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    The Mighty Hood

    My Grandfather was due to embark on the Hood however he was struck down with Measels and was in hospital when she sailed.
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    Delving Round Digbeth

    Great post Peter, I hope to follow in your footsteps this week!
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    The Eagle, Floodgate Street

    I think what used to be benny's bar is now a back packers hostel, I could be confusing that with another pub though. I got a bit excited when I saw the title of this thread and thought for a minute the old Eagle and Tun was re-opening. Shame!
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    Kingstanding British Legion.

    Only the club element of the Legion has been taken over by Horizon, there will still be a Royal British Legion Branch operating from the premises. It is written into the lease that the RBL must still be able to function from the premises. The club will become a private members club but all...
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    Birmingham Central Backpackers - Milk Street / Coventry Street

    I think at one point it was 'Billy's Bar' https://www.beerintheevening.com/pubs/s/26/26540/Billys_Bar/Birmingham Not sure what it was before that.
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    Victoria Law Courts

    No they don't have a toilet in the cell, they have to ask to use a toilet and are then escorted to the block. Victoria Law courts are going to be kept as a going concern for the forceable future. the initial plan was to put all the courts together in a court centre or 'super court' as it was...
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    Victoria Law Courts

    Well as it stands it is not going to be sold off and will remain as a court building. We would potentially move the crown court back in as a bid to cut costs. QEII law courts was purpose built for the Crown, however it is not a protected building and so would be easier to change the use of...
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    Victoria Law Courts

    I agree, handing it over as a 'leisure' development would be a crying shame. The law acadamy is the prefered idea, trouble is the place is extremely expensive to operate (around 4mil per year). As it stands though, it is going to remain as Court of law. It's possible the Crown court could move...