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    Sad news indeed. RIP Bob and condolences to your family. Maurice :cool:
  2. sospiri

    Jimmy Cobb

    Bob, Yes, this was actually last Sunday. He played with everybody who was well known in the jazz world. He passed away at his home in New York City as a resuit of lung cancer. He was a regular feature at the NAMM trade exhibition every year, more recently with organist Joey De Francesco. RIP...
  3. sospiri

    Gun Factories / Gun Quarter - Staff Lists ??

    Janice, I haven't yet been able to locate the pictures I was looking for, but they are similar to the bottom two pictures and description on this page of workshops at the back of St Mary's Row:- http://mappingbirmingham.blogspot.com/2014/06/the-gun-quarter.html And you are correct, each...
  4. sospiri

    Gun Factories / Gun Quarter - Staff Lists ??

    Mort, Not sure on the casual labour, but many of them were just self-emplyed single workers. Weaman Street was a hive of small workshops, all rented, and I have so pics somewhere - will see if I can dig them out. Several in my family worked in that way. Maurice :cool:
  5. sospiri

    How do I find info on a London Company?

    Janice, They usually are - changes of partners, winding-up orders, creditors meetings and the like. Unfortunately Companies House no longer keep details of partnerships and limited companies that have ceased trading more than 20 years ago. Also the search engine on the Gazette site is not very...
  6. sospiri

    In the Garden 2020

    Sounds like rather more than you want, Nico, but there are these on Amazon:-...
  7. sospiri

    How do I find info on a London Company?

    Kat, Go to the London Gazette site and a search there may reveal when it ceased trading. Maurice :cool:
  8. sospiri


    Richard, Glad your health problems got sorted in time. Dad died in 1952 of a burst peptic ulcer and peritonitis, and few people die of that today because it gets diagnosed fairly early. But he'd suffered for several years and even his dimwit doctor told him that it was nothing to worry about...
  9. sospiri

    National Service

    Yes, Alan, there were a few sadists and quite a few "sham sadists". The latter were the kind that made all the right noises to keep up the pretence, but in the face of a genuine problem were found to actually have a heart. :) After a successful passing out parade, a couple of the latter were...
  10. sospiri


    Pedro, Well, the State Pension used to be called the old age pension by the general public, if not by the powers that be. But otherwise you became "too old to work" or incapable of doing paid employment. But, of course, that is pretty meaningless because in the UK some are still working into...
  11. sospiri


    Alan, Yes, memory, and that is the crux of many things, and why becoming fluent in a foreign language in old age is almost an impossibility. My other half has persisted for nearly 16 years, but unless you are using the same few words every day for several weeks, you haven't a cats chance...
  12. sospiri


    Alan, If the cartridges that came with the machine were full, then I would certainly agree with you, but most times they aren't and there are reports that some come with cartidges only 10% full - not like most hire cars! Eric, I print very little apart from when the Gardening Club cajoles me...
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    Richard, We've had an A3 Canon iX6550 for two years, which has just failed after we bought a load of inks. The cost of a new printhead is 80 euros, but they say that it is possible the old printhead may have taken down some of the main electronics. OK, so we won't take the chance, but will...
  14. sospiri

    2 paintings replaced

    Eric, That winter painting is excellent, lots of interest, and good to see it back on here. Maurice :cool:
  15. sospiri

    Looking for Paula (Miss Margaret’s Shop)

    Well done, MWS, but such a plethora of forenames, none of which seem to relate to her real name. Maurice :cool: