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    Happy Birthday, Mapmeister Mike ! Your pub may be shut, but I'm sure you have a tipple stashed away. Enjoy your day. :p :p :p :p :p Maurice :cool:
  2. sospiri

    Happy birthday Jayell !

    A Very Happy Birthday to You, Judy ! I hope you have a great day with the family. :p :p:p:p Maurice :cool:
  3. sospiri

    Ridley St Washington St

    Thanks for that, Phil, nicely showing the corner of Syren Works. Maurice :cool:
  4. sospiri

    234 Knowle Road. Electoral Register information

    Jan/James, I went to College Road, both Infants and Juniors on that corner site in the 1940s. Depending on the results of your 11 Plus, you then ended up in what was the Moseley Secondary Modern further up College Road or grammar school. Maurice :-)
  5. sospiri

    David Trevor - Help

    Good work, Mike. That was not amongst the 107 images I found online. They were obviously produced in large numbers as they seem to appear regularly on eBay and other sites, and one seller on eBay sold 9 of them for as little as £3.50 the lot. The postage probably cost more! So you're obviously...
  6. sospiri

    David Trevor - Help

    Good luck with that, Mike. I found the rather small images of 107 issues but couldn't find a good match with any of them. Not a lot of detail in the image of the one on David Trevor's lap. At least no hat to worry about. Maurice :cool:
  7. sospiri

    Scams: Telephone, email, texts, other 2021

    Is that what counts as unusual activity on your line, Eric? :) I guess he got the message! Maurice :cool:
  8. sospiri

    Ridley St Washington St

    Janice, Ah, corner of Washington Street & Upper Gough Street - I thought that Ridley Street went straight across - my mistake! I've taken the picture out of my code and substituted the 50's map, but now need to FTP the changes onto the site. They were certainly there in September 1929 because...
  9. sospiri

    Ridley St Washington St

    Janice, Thanks for those maps - so Genton's were on the corner of Washington Street and Ridley Street and had become a car park by 1969. So I must remove that image from the Genton article and hope that someone might find some earlier ones. I was too far down Washington Street, I'm afraid...
  10. sospiri

    Ridley St Washington St

    Hi PapaPedro, Welcome to the Forum. Kelly's Directory has then as being their in 1933 and the business had ceased by the end of WW2. So I can't be 100% sure that those were the buildings that they actually occupied. I had a walk around there around 2000, but there was no evidence at that time...
  11. sospiri

    Asylum Road

    Yes, Mike, I copied it into Wordpad then added the extension. Xenforo doesn't let you add bits to a link, but you did it just the same. Maurice :cool:
  12. sospiri

    Asylum Road

    John, It just needs .html added to the link. One of the mods could do it. Maurice :cool:
  13. sospiri

    Joseph Norris photographer

    Rosemary, See post #6 Maurice :cool:
  14. sospiri

    Ridley St Washington St

    The only pic of Washington Street that I have is all commercial buildings about 20 years ago, originally the Syren Works of ships' lamp manufacturer Alfred F. Genton & Son Ltd. The full story of the Compnay can be found on my website here:- https://mscrete.com/genton.htm Maurice :cool:
  15. sospiri

    Covid vaccination process

    I'd be more worried about the haircut, Enel, I keep putting that off because I have always hated having my haircut, but it will be long enough for a pightail soon ! :) Maurice :cool: