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  1. Soljouron

    Alfred Street, Sparkbrook

    Tommy jones was my great grandfather my grandad joey(Walter) was his eldest son.
  2. Soljouron

    Jones family

    And ladypool rd was once known as ladypool lane
  3. Soljouron

    The Circus Comes to Sparkbrook.

    The land once held a funfair called the old George show or something like that it was originally a gypsy encampment.
  4. Soljouron

    Jones family

    H Ps. My grandad was Walter Joseph jones
  5. Soljouron

    Jones family

    My great great grandfather was called William jones and came from ladypool rd unsure if this is the same family h/ever they had a fruit and veg shop at 22 Alfred st which was on corner of ladypool Rd.