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  1. smallheathexplorer

    32 Third Avenue, Bordesley Green.

    I am well informed that Dennis Parsons was known as Dennis the Menace! Do any of you remember Terry Goldingay? And Chris Reading? They lived further up the street, numbers in the 80s.
  2. smallheathexplorer

    Warr family

    Trying to pick up this thread after more than a year, as I have gathered a few more names recently. It seems that Stanley Charles Warr b1918 is still living and that many of the family (he had at least seven children) are still in the Birmingham area. Is anyone out there a descendent of either...
  3. smallheathexplorer

    READING John b1864 or maybe 1869

    Sorry to involve you in my lopsided virtual reality! Where do I look for more records, other than the ones on Ancestry.com? And Ancestry doesn't yet have available the full details from 1911, which is most frustrating. I realise I will need to come over to Birmingham and look at original...
  4. smallheathexplorer

    READING John b1864 or maybe 1869

    If these are the same Matilda Maxwell / Francis and John Reading, something odd is going on with their ages in the 1891 census return. If he IS John Charles Reading b1869 he should be 21 or 22, not 27 as stated. That would also mean that he would have been 15 or 16 when the eldest son, William...
  5. smallheathexplorer

    READING John b1864 or maybe 1869

    Sorry, Suzanne, getting myself all confused in this tangled web, yes, Violet first born, Louisa second. As for confusion due to adoption, I am very thankful that my partner's father, Arthur Edward Reading, was adopted aged 2, but did not have his name changed. Even so, I spent quite some time...
  6. smallheathexplorer

    READING John b1864 or maybe 1869

    There are so many links here that I find it difficult to believe that this is not the same John and Louisa Reading that I am looking for. I still can't work out why the age of John Reading would be 5 years out, if he was the John Charles Reading born 1869. Matilda Maxwell certainly sounds like...
  7. smallheathexplorer

    Court John Sue Carpenter/Timmins

    Re: John Court Sue Carpenter/Timmins Sorry, Carolina, re-reading your post I now see you are looking for people named Timmins, I thought you were looking for Court. Anyway, just in case it is of any use to you: 1881 Census Return shows at 49 Tenby Street North George H Court, Head, aged 36...
  8. smallheathexplorer

    READING John b1864 or maybe 1869

    Thanks, Suzanne, yes I found those too - that's why I said it's like a maze. The part after he seems to have died, between 1891 and 1897, looks clear: Louisa married Charles Hartwright in 1897. I also wondered if Louisa Maxwell is her maiden name, not Francis, but I see no way of confirming that...
  9. smallheathexplorer

    READING John b1864 or maybe 1869

    Is anyone able to help me with this, please? I feel like I am trapped in a very cleverly designed maze. The 1891 census return shows John Reading aged 27 with wife Louisa aged 25, mother-in-law Matilda Francis aged 64, sons William aged 5 and Charles aged 1. In 1897 Louisa Reading married...
  10. smallheathexplorer

    Why are you a family historian?

    I wonder when we decide the point at which we started being 'family historians'. I could say that it was when I rifled through my maternal grandfather's box of papers and photos, which is when I started writing things down. Since the internet made it possible to find out dates and records more...
  11. smallheathexplorer

    Lies and deception?

    'I don't judge because I wasn't there' Well said, Wendy. A quotation worth remembering for all of us as we dig into our families' past.
  12. smallheathexplorer

    Lies and deception?

    I have gone cold reading about how your son was shunned by his grandparents. Thank heavens we have moved on. He is so fortunate to have you as a mother, and to live his life loved and in society, not 'put away'.
  13. smallheathexplorer

    Census year 2011

    Many Thanks, Richard, a very interesting article. It seems we will all need to ensure we leave details of ourselves and families for future historians if the census goes for good. I seem to be on every database in existence, judging by the number of random phone calls and juhnk mail I receive. I...
  14. smallheathexplorer

    Byron BIDDULPH

    Well, it seems Doris was not Byron and Florence's daughter. She was Doris M Aldham, married Hawtin F Moreby in 1938. Always good to check and eliminate rather than assume possibilities as certainties. :)
  15. smallheathexplorer

    Byron BIDDULPH

    Suzanne, you're an angel. Yes, Byron DID marry Florence Cosby, so Eric is Frederick. It looks as if Doris may have been a daughter, I'll search the birth records. Many thanks.