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  1. Simon4130

    Birmingham's Blitz

    I got it the first time round. Well recommended for those with an interest in aircraft or wartime history especially. Simon
  2. Simon4130

    Birmingham buses

    Very interesting article on the Lex conversions. Ronald Edgley Cox was of course the general manager of Walsall Corporation Transport before his role in WMPTE and it was he who specified the short Daimler Fleetlines among other unique and often odd looking purchases. The finished product from...
  3. Simon4130

    Buses And Coaches.

    A small number of men have managed to get among the girls in the National Express West Midlands fleet usually to commemorate drivers or enthusiasts who are no longer with us, for example bus 6832 is named "Ronnie Morgan" after the legendary enthusiast who left us a couple of years ago. Simon
  4. Simon4130

    Cooperative Society Transport

    The first coach is definitely a Maudslay Marathon, a Coventry manufacturer later taken over by AEC although for a time after many of those produced still displayed the Maudslay badge. A similar thing happened after AEC also took over Stockport based Crossley Motors. Simon
  5. Simon4130

    Transport Companies in Birmingham.

    Its quite interesting that this is badged as a Leyland Hippo. The eight wheelers were normally badged as Octopus and the Hippo was normally a three axle model. Simon
  6. Simon4130

    Birmingham Cable Tramways Gear

    The Great Orme Tramway in Llandudno operates on the cable system too. Well worth a ride if you are in the area, most enjoyable. Simon
  7. Simon4130

    Pilot Officer 149605 Thomas Henry Gill Ix Squadron Raf Bomber Command

    Really enjoyed reading that Stuart. As it happens only a few days ago I was reading the commemorative magazine celebrating 75 years of the Lancaster which also details the aircraft you mention above. Wellingtons are always of great interest to me too, designed by Barnes Wallis who also developed...
  8. Simon4130

    Some Birmingham Buses

    Now preserved and in operating condition at Aldridge (formerly Aston Manor) Transport Museum. I travelled on it myself at a running day last year. Simon
  9. Simon4130

    Percy Lane Planet Works

    It was new to Ipswich Corporation Bob. Simon
  10. Simon4130

    Famous catch phrases.

    All of these from Claude Jeremiah Greengrass in Heartbeat: "You've more chance of knitting fog" "You must think I came up the river on a biscuit" " And pigs might......" "Can a duck....." "You don't half take chances" "Come into my office" So many sayings from one character... Simon
  11. Simon4130

    In the garden 2013 - 2018

    Never underestimate how clever the crow family are, but I think you have already discovered this!! Simon
  12. Simon4130

    The Demolition of the former B.C.T Bus Garage at Quinton

    Yes Quinton was the second last one built, opening on 30th October 1949 and sadly closing 18th June 1997. The last one built was Lea Hall opening 19th April 1955 and closed 24th July 2010 although thankfully it still exists but used by a clothes recycling firm. Simon
  13. Simon4130

    Wolverhampton Former Tram And Bus Garage Demolition

    Personally i'm outraged as that is the original wall of the old Bilston Street Garage dating back to 1931 and could easily have been incorporated into a new development. To smash up all that lovely lettering is a disgrace with no regard given to the transport heritage of the area. The lettering...
  14. Simon4130

    Chance Glass Factory

    That all sounds very exciting. The restoration of the original buildings, reinstating the canal basin and building the lighthouse. Looking at the plans the proposed new buildings don't impose on the originals which is very positive too. Any development that celebrates the history of Birmingham...
  15. Simon4130

    Black Sabbath

    Fortunately I was able to get to the gig in Dublin to say farewell to my favourite band, it was touch and go whether I would be able to go having been in hospital most of the day having treatment but I got there, I had to stand near the back and stay quiet but still enjoyed it although sad it...