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Recent content by Rosary_Boy

  1. Rosary_Boy

    Old Postcards and Photos of Birmingham

    i have over 1500 birmingham post cards all used love collecting these
  2. Rosary_Boy

    River Rea

    yes i took these photos ;)
  3. Rosary_Boy

    River Rea

    Cos we were local we saved a lot of dogs from down there
  4. Rosary_Boy

    River Rea

  5. Rosary_Boy

    River Rea

    Us Saltley kids use to swim in the river rea on hot summers days in late 70s early 80s we would get in on by landor street and montague street Theres a tunnel we called the DARK HALF HOUR as it took half hour in the dark get too one end too other plus theres a waterfall we used a lot, we saved a...
  6. Rosary_Boy

    Hawthorn House Handsworth

    what is it now ?
  7. Rosary_Boy

    St Mary The Virgin (Acocks Green)

    BombDamage from WW2
  8. Rosary_Boy

    St Saviour's Church, Saltley

    thanks mate I first went into this church about 1979, so when I contacted father alan and he said I can vist well I couldn't turn him down, well worth a vist really only open for services on sunday from 10-30am till about 12-30pm
  9. Rosary_Boy

    St Saviour's Church, Saltley

    mark and gary
  10. Rosary_Boy

    St Saviour's Church, Saltley

    my friends use to live in them flats Bennetts
  11. Rosary_Boy

    St Saviour's Church, Saltley

    my house was in the grove number 138 Ash road I left in 1983
  12. Rosary_Boy

    St Saviour's Church, Saltley

    As I use to live right next door too this church in the 70s I paid a vist last year
  13. Rosary_Boy

    Saltley Road Chapel

    No its not there anymore
  14. Rosary_Boy

    Buildings at risk

    Took a few photos of this a few years ago so old, Shame that the ways been left really.
  15. Rosary_Boy

    St Martins Church Birmingham

    Hate see peoples bodys removed, anyone know what happened to them the graves ?