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    List of premises from 1867 Birmingham Post Office Directory Here's a map for 1890 (41-42 Barford Street South), later map (238 -240 Barford Street)
  2. RobT

    Help on area.

    Well done Radiorails, just beat me to it, found another photo taken I believe from the same place. Map showing route of tram in first photo, from Radiorails description.
  3. RobT

    Help on area.

    Could it possibly be outside 296 Heath Street, Birmingham 18? There was a Challingsworth Limited, Iron Founders which had something to do with 'Hercules'. Think there was a pub at 286 Heath Street, called Queens Arms, is it behind the tram? Main Hercules Factories seem to have been in Aston way...
  4. RobT

    Coach Smith

    A coachsmith was a smith who forged by hand or under a power hammer the iron work used in the building of railway or tramway coaches, carts etc.' repaired, cleaned and tempered coach springs etc. A coach maker, aka body builder, body maker, built up by hand the wooden parts,e.g. framework...
  5. RobT

    Tommy Ball Murder

    You might want to check this other thread already on this site https://birminghamhistory.co.uk/forum/index.php?threads/aston-villa-player-murdered-1920-30s.16484/#post-93615
  6. RobT

    Railway infrastructure and engineering development

    Yes at least some of Series 1 is on youtube
  7. RobT

    13 Adelaide Terrace, Erskine Street

    According to the index for that scale of map they're slopes
  8. RobT

    13 Adelaide Terrace, Erskine Street

    The position of this Terraced House reminds me of when we lived in Booth Street, Near Handsworth & Smethwick Station, we were invited to visit a friend who lived in a Terraced House in a similar position near the railway line. At something like 9.05 pm a noise like an earthquake sounded & the...
  9. RobT

    13 Adelaide Terrace, Erskine Street

    13 Aderlaide Terrace is shown where the red dot is on this 1950 map
  10. RobT

    Help with Handwriting

    My guess would be Gerrard St, Lozells, Birmingham 19
  11. RobT

    Aston Church Road pub

    Shown elsewhere on BHF this was the Jenny Lind, corner of Aston Church Rd
  12. RobT

    36/40 Dudley Street, Birmingham - 1891 Query

    Photo was taken apparently in 1899 This one was taken in 1913, posted on B'ham Forum
  13. RobT

    36/40 Dudley Street, Birmingham - 1891 Query

    Photo is said to be The land and buildings were on Dudley Street opposite Hinckley Street.
  14. RobT

    36/40 Dudley Street, Birmingham - 1891 Query

    I would agree with that Mike, in 1862 I've got Railway Guard at No.52, and the strange one I've got Kings Head Inn at 56 Dudley Road, yet on my map it's marked as King's Head Hotel on the other side of the road.
  15. RobT

    36/40 Dudley Street, Birmingham - 1891 Query

    Just found this one Dudley Street with Apple Tree Tavern 1886 from B'ham library