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  1. RobT

    Is this in Birmingham?

    How about Devon Street, Birmingham 7 (Ran between Duddeston Mill Road & Saltley Road) The procession could be going to - St. Anne's Church (Top left corner of map) School other side of the road. Remember C. Lee (Charles Lee) 87 Devon Street, window name could have been advertising shop just...
  2. RobT

    Kenyon St 1960

    Is 1955 Kelly's any good?
  3. RobT

    Wolesley or Morris Commercial fire brigades

    Here's a better one
  4. RobT

    Cork Tip Cigarettes

    This is a box of 50 packets of 5 (250 total) Wild Woodbines
  5. RobT

    Wolesley or Morris Commercial fire brigades

    For those who have difficulties seeing this Austin Gypsy Fire Tender JOG 630E
  6. RobT

    Wolesley or Morris Commercial fire brigades

    Is this photo of JOG 630E available to be seen by most? http://www.historical-fire-engines.com/img-austin-gipsy-1200.htm
  7. RobT

    Gladstone Road, Sparkbrook

    Map here shows bombs dropped on 19th & 20th November 1940 on Gladstone Road
  8. RobT

    Pubs Of The Past

    This was the one in Bath row/Holloway Head
  9. RobT

    See Birmingham by Post Card

    Because it's Two's own postcard, very similar but with slight differences This is Bob Davis's postcard on the right which he kindly sent me to upload
  10. RobT

    Old street pics..

    This is my take on where 181 - 169 is positioned using oldMohawk's excellent image
  11. RobT

    Old street pics..

    Map from 1950 (showing numbering of properties in Miller Street Above the word Corporation is newer tram depot building which replaced the section gutted after an air raid in April 1941. Kelly's 1930 says 161 Miller Street - Ravencroft's dairymen Kelly's 1955 says 155-167 Lewis F. Tubular Steel...
  12. RobT

    Grandma's Shop

    Map here shown in red is 245 St. Andrews Road 1930's Kelly's shows Henry Martin Morris as Shopkeeper As a bit of added information 1915 Kellys shows No. 253 as Todd & Prestidge Boot Repairer 1930's Kellys shows No. 253 as Harry Todd Boot Repairer
  13. RobT

    The Onion Fair

    This although NOT the Onion Fair, Should bring back many memories of Pat Collins Funfair, and the Wonderland 98 Key Marenghi Organ, also shown the Traction Engine 'The Leader' which was at the Onion Fair many times.
  14. RobT


    There was one at the junction of Hamstead Road & Villa Road https://birminghamhistory.co.uk/forum/index.php?attachments/hampstead-toll-house-remnants-jpeg.126058/
  15. RobT

    The Onion Fair

    Sorry this engine is Burrell Showmans Road Locomotive, 3651 "Earl Kitchener" - Built in 1915, HR 3964 This is Goliath