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    Birmingham buses

    Thank you Nigel Edwards for flagging up the Birmingham Mail newspaper clipping. I had seen it in David Harvey's book, but it was kind of you to post it. Seeing the newspaper article again, I was amused to read about the increased security on the night of the last run, to protect the bus from...
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    Occupations - Disappeared

    My first job after leaving school was a trainee typewriter service engineer..Mainly in central Birmingham..in the 60s and 70s in those days every shop and office had at least one machine ,and the larger companies had hundreds...all gone.
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    Birmingham Trams

    Dear David, Thank you for your reply. However, I wasn't aware of the BBC radio involvement. He had six sons:Colin, Brian, Walter, and Sidney, and two that did not survive infancy. Fred retired at 62, to allow him to nurse his sick wife Elizabeth, but he would have preferred to carry on...
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    Birmingham Trams

    Hi David, thank you very much for your reply, which I'm afraid I've only just noticed! I have bought a copy of your book from eBay and am very pleased to see the article about Driver Gilks and the photographs. Thank you for the suggestion, it's a great book. I'm not sure if that is Fred Gilks...
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    MEM Tyseley

    Hi Frank..Thanks for your reply...But wrong Brian.?.We did lived in Main Street Sparkbrook for a while and my Grandfather drove trams and trolley buses. but I dont think its the same person Regards Roy.
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    Then & Now

    Hi I know we have a very knowledgeable group of members when it comes to old buses ..So could I ask for information about the bus in picture# 1.101..What make ? is it running on pneumatic tyres.. years in service etc..etc Thanks.
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    small heath- street party

    Hi..Great street party pictures..The trolley bus in the background means just of the Coventry Road?
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    Elmdon Airport

    Just as a matter of interest,my grandfather ..Frederick Gilks was the driver of FOK 90 on that day in June 1951.He retired immediately after ,and was very proud to have driven that last trip.
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    Petrol station Warwick Road Wharfdale Road Tyesley

    Hi..Just remembered...The garage in the 1960's was called The Mini Centre..It sold the BMC Mini and 1100 models. The showroom was on the site of the houses with the advertising hoardings.
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    Petrol station Warwick Road Wharfdale Road Tyesley

    Hi..This looks like the petrol station that I worked for in the 1960s Its on the junction of Warwick Road and Wharfdale Road Tyseley Its now a Enterpise car rental.
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    Does anybody know this location

    I have no idea where it is..but a great picture of a 1925 model T Ford.
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    Hawleys bakery

    Hi The pictures of Hawleys bakery garage are dated 1947..Pic #42..But they must be at least a decade later.the Land Rover in the Garage is 1958..at the earliest. I think the repair garage for Hawleys was in Oughton Road opposite the rear of the Friends Institute .
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    MEM Tyseley

    Hi...My Dad Brian Gilks worked at MEM for 25 years..1975 to 2000..anyone remember him?.
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    The Youth Club

    Hi Bodge..I remember the 13 club at Yardley Old Church..When I first attended it was held in the Trust School building at the side of the Church..then moved to a new building across the Church yard...I think it was in the early 60s The club leader was a mr Packham.
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    Where did you live

    Hi..I also lived in Sparkbrook..I was born in Main street in 1947 .There were a few pictures of the circus on Main Street a while ago .It would be interesting to see some more of the Street.Can anyone help Thank you.