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Recent content by robert

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    Where is this?

    Judging by the vehicles Viv I think its post war, early 60s perhaps
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    Messages - a milestone

    And I've enjoyed reading every one of them. ( well almost ).
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    I think the new homes where around great colmore st and lee bank road.
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    Sheldon Bombing

    The shop showing in the photo was Johnsons grocers, the last time I passed it was a barber's shop. The person taking the photo would have been standing on Church rd just before the junction with common lane
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    St Giles Church Sheldon

    Hello Andrew, on many many visits to St Giles I have often passed your family's grave, its quite close to the path.
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    R I P Phil
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    These trying times - 2020

    Just how I remember them mike.
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    Then & Now

    It was called Bacco's before San Remo., now its just a run of the mill Indian restaurant.
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    Supermarket delivery slots during lockdown 2020

    I knew their was something
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    Supermarket delivery slots during lockdown 2020

    Ive, just got a delivery slot after trying time and time again I have ordered a turkey, Christmas pudding,a tin of ye old oak ham and some tinsel.
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    These trying times - 2020

    There has been so many inspiring things happening over the last few weeks that have moved me and made proud of how generous and caring the British people can be.
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    Pub Quiz [2]

    Isnt that part of a photo which contains the running man from one of old mohawks threads.
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    These trying times - 2020

    Pen I'm tempted to say changing a lightbulb, but there's only one man.
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    Then & Now

    In those days Jim painters would also fit domestic glass.
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    Mom washing the doorstep

    Think the children have their Sunday best on.