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Recent content by Robert Ensor (bob)

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    Then & Now

    I remember the hot pies and the bovril ?
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    Ex Pats and Brummies abroad

    Didn't they have a store in Hurst Street ?
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    Ex Pats and Brummies abroad

    Can someone please help Ikea and the Chinese both of these have serious problems with instructions after the translation into English the worlds most spoken language
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    Good music to listen to on U Tube

    She was a big deal here on all the TV shows as a guest great voice Pet, Cilla, Lulu, Dusty, Sandy Shaw our girls.
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    Courtyards and yards of brum

    In a heartbeat ❤️
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    disgusting food

    Bat soup !!!!, OMG
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    Ansells Brewery

    Double Diamond, Worthington E, Youngers Tarten Ale and Newkey Brown in a clear large bottle
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    disgusting food

    Finny haddock poached in milk ?
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    Ex Pats and Brummies abroad

    Thanks everyone the last few posts made me chuckle .
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    Ex Pats and Brummies abroad

    Funny, I worked with a guy his nick name " marble mouth "
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    How about a "thank you"?

    Well thank you for that
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    Birmingham butchers retail.

    And fresh cut grass, the first time opening a can of coffee
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    Money!!!! - before decimalisation! Info needed please!

    Ha Ha,. Are you willing for a shilling or will you risk it for a biscuit Had not thought about that in years
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    Childhood Memories

    Wonderful posts thanks Nico bought a smile to my face and a tear to my eye
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    High Speed Train 2

    I have no idea how many folk here have traveled at high speed other than flight I haven driven a car off the clock at 175 mph on the road another time I drove a car flat out over a long bridge here in Tampa Bay 170+ you can not look out the side windows because you can not focus on anything...