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    St Joseph's Nechells Lookups

    Hi Nick St Josephs have their own web site www.stjosephs-nechells.co.uk Half way down the page there will be an icon for 'graveyard list' Anne is not listed but Richard Scott is very helpful and may be able to help His email is further down the page regards Bob
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    st clements clean hands chart

    Hi Astoness I have a copie of St Clements school register of girls dated from June 1943 to Nov 1945 (dates of admission) and there is not a Lilly Foster listed. regards Bob
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    1891 Census look up please

    the link below takes you to the 1891 census. Have a brows like I did and found many more relatives https://www.hunimex.com/warwick/w-a-p.html rls
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    Finding old obituraries

    have a look at this web site. https://www.hunimex.com/warwick/bmd/death_announcements_1874-1907.html rls
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    Killed by one of the first motor vehicles...c1911

    Hi Kaz Can I suggest (if you havn't already) subscribed to the Birmingham Mailing list? It was someone from that group that got me my information. The address is [email protected] and just put 'subscribe' in the text part. Just put something similar to your message...
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    Killed by one of the first motor vehicles...c1911

    Hi Kaz Yes but you need to search the newspapers. My grandmother was run over by a truck in 1937 and there was quite a lot of details in the Birmingham Mail. I was able to get a death date and a friend went to the Birmingham Library and checked the papers around that date. She was run over on...
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    nechells park rd back 24

    Hi Liz I have just logged on to the 'hunimex.net' web site and clicked on the 1891 census page. going down to number 2424 and then to folio 48 page 8 lists 24 Nechells park road. There does not seem to be a "back of". Have a look. Bob
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    Stamp Albums.

    Yes I collected them as a youngster and so when I came to Australia in 1968 I started collecting Australian stamps and first day covers. Now that I have retired and can't afford the yearly outlay I want to sell 30 years of collecting and keeping them safe. No one wants to buy them. I cant even...
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    Ration book britain

    Ration books. I remember them well. My best pal at school lived in Cattells Grove Nechells and his house was opposite the paper mill. Every so often we would hop over the wall and get a handfull of loose coupons. Shopkeepers were supposed to cut them out of the book when a purchase was made. My...
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    Red Lion Thimble Mill Lane Nechells

    Sorry, can't help you with the state of Long Acre. I have lived in Australia since 1968. I lived opposite St Josephs Churchyard which is now a chinese grocery warehouse I believe. Regards Bob
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    Red Lion Thimble Mill Lane Nechells

    The Red Lion Pub on the corner of Thimble Mill Lane and High Park Street. I remember it well. It was the hang out of the local bookie Charlie Connor. He always had a half empty glass of beer on the bar and every few minutes he would come out and see if anyone was waiting to put a bet on...
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    school records

    Hi Philbee I have copies of St Clements infants enrollments from 1943 to 1946. High Park Street Period. These are available from the Birmingham Library top floor. Later years may not be released subject to a 50 year embargo. These admissions give full name. DOB, address, name of parent. I assume...
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    the mitre

    Thanks for the photo of the Mitre pub. My family lived halfway between the Mitre and the Prince of Wales in Long Acre. It looks different to when I last saw it in 1950. Bob
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    st clements sports

    Hi Phil I was at St Clements around about that time but do not remember a benita. I have copies of the junior school records. I noticed that you are searching the names Birch and Buckerfield. I see that there was a Christopher Birch and a Constance and Irene Buckerfield all living at 3/162 Long...
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    Air Raid in or near Nechells

    Hi "Master Brummie" The photo of Newtons is in Long Acre and I used to live up the entry next to the Newtons Wall. This photo must have been taken in the late 50's as Newtons was further away during the war. regards Bob