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Recent content by Richarddye

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    HRH Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

    Nico, my wife (from Manhattan) watched the whole televised portion, 3 + hours as did our daughter. Particularly significant to me.
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    Old street pics..

    Used to work at Bakers (left of center) butcher's after school. This one and Soho Rd! Thanks for the memory!
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    Happy birthday Jayell !

    Happy Birthday Judy! Have a great day and many many more birthdays.
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    Happy Birthday Mike! Have a wonderful day and many many more!
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    In The Garden 2021

    Steve, they should call you the Birdman!
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    Salt's Healthcare Products

    Jim, that is a very good read...........The tenure is amazing however the fact that they have remained independent with 640 employees is remarkable. Not a giant company but certainly large enough to be of interest to any number of acquirers. I'm sure they prefer it that way!
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    In The Garden 2021

    Izzy, it seems like it grows every day...........might be interesting to understand the daily growth rate. Kind of reminds me of the old Quatermass (sp) show.
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    In The Garden 2021

    All those years to grow & in a half hour, gone!
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    In The Garden 2021

    My goodness Izzy! How large do you expect it to be?
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    In The Garden 2021

    Steve, your garden is outstanding & SO colorful!
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    Gino's Italian Restaurant

    mhgregor............ Welcome to the Forum, a great place to meet & learn! Enjoy...........
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    Film cameras

    mbenne, just saw the video...............SUPER!
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    CD/DVD External Drive

    I have used an LG for about 4 years, very reliable and compact. More and more I use flash drives for convenience and portabilty.
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    Covid vaccination process

    Well done NS, have two G&T's! Enjoy..........
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    H W Wards Lathe Makers, Selly Oak. Any ex Apprentices out there?

    Wonderful picture RJB! What is even more wonderful is the fact that he spent his working life there which you could never do that today!