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Recent content by Richard McNeill

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    James Burgoyne photographic collection

    Any one have any biographical information on James Burgoyne: e.g date of birth & death, where he was born, his family etc.?
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    Ye Olde Royal Temple Row

    The Royal Hotel Temple Row, as it looked c.1800 For ninety years from 1772 this Hotel was the upmarket place to stay in Birmingham, firstly known simply as 'The Hotel' and from c.1805, 'The Royal Hotel.' Sited opposite St. Philips churchyard, It was the first establishment in Birmingham to...
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    Christ Church Perry Barr

    This seems to suggest that Christ Church was still in use as a mission church up to 1939, where other sources, e.g.Victoria History of County of Warwick, Volume VII, suggest its license for public workshop expired in 1926.
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    Birmingham buses

    To answer my own question from a bit of googling it is clear that today the name 'cobalt blue' is is applied to a wide range of shades of blue between being darker than sky blue but lighter than navy blue. Today colour matching is done via Pantone or similar colour matching standards, where each...
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    Birmingham buses

    [ The trams were 'cobalt blue' and 'pale cream' (also called 'primrose)' according to PW Lawson's 'Birmingham Corporation Tramway Rolling Stock,' 1983 and, Mayou et.al's 'Birmingham Corporation Tramways: trams and trolley buses,' 1982. From the photographs I have seen the two main colours of...
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    The Square Old Square

    The street on the right is 'The Minories.' This is from 'Memorials of the Old Square....' by Joseph Hill and Robert Kirkup Dent (1897), together with John Rapkin's 'Plan of Birmingham,' (1851). Hill and Dent identified four 'angles' or blocks to Old Square: starting with the South Angle and...
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    Mitchells & Butler Ltd

    Does anyone know the year when Mitchells and Butlers adopted the slogan 'Good Honest Beer?'
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    W Wort, photographer, Oscott

    There are two photos in 'Birmingham Faces and Places, Volume II,' (published 1890), of Oscott college. They were credited to 'W Wort.' The list of photographers on the cardeviste website includes a 'William Wort.' See: https://www.cartedevisite.co.uk/photographers-category/photographers/ In...
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    Yes. In fact there are two infectious disease hospitals in the photograph. Both on College Road. One is at the corner of College Road and Hawthorn Road, where the Perry Common Library was to be built. This is on the left hand edge of the photo. The other is on the north side of College Road on...
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    The farm house stood at what is now the junction between Charlton Road and Dulwich Road.
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    NewStreet Birmingham

    Thanks. A copy of the drawing appears as an in-text illustration in RK Dent's (1894) 'Making of Birmingham' where it has the more vague title: 'Lower end of New Street, about 1800.'
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    NewStreet Birmingham

    Hi Vivienne. I can see this drawing was a full page illustration. Do you know which book it comes from?
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    NewStreet Birmingham

    Yes the name looks like 'Warner.' As a matter of interest what is the 1831 source? :)
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    NewStreet Birmingham

    The shop on the left appears to have 'Phillips' written above the door. This is No.89 High Street. In Robson's 1839 directory (10 years after the 1829 drawing), and in Kelly's 1845 directory, No.89 is occupied by Thomas Phillips' Wine and Spirits Merchants.
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    NewStreet Birmingham

    The Inn is behind the corner building. It is the Swan Hotel. The Swan was a terminus for coaches travelling between Birmingham and London. The coach we see post No.293 appears to be waiting outside the New Street entrance to the Swan. Here's a plan of the site in 1850, together with a drawing of...