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Recent content by Richard Dye

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    A glimpse of Christmas past

    Vivian, I think you are right on all counts!
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    Christmas decorations before health and safety

    Be careful TT! You are pushing the envelope as they say……
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    Christmas greetings 2021

    Thank you Vivian! We are blessed to be here and have family! We had a very emotional year. We moved on August 2 and I proceeded to tear a tendon in my left foot. Wearing one of those big boots I tripped trying to move boxes and had to have my right leg surgically repaired and did not drive for...
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    Christmas greetings 2021

    Not sure where to put this............ This is our first Christmas in our new house. All of this is my wife's hand work, the quilts, trees and Santa. On the left side you can barely see is a child's Amish wagon circa 1840 (which is very old in the US). These are LED lights on timers my first...
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    Christmas decorations before health and safety

    We did pretty much the same as Pete. We bought a new light weight folding ladder on sale. I watched a house inspector who was over 350 pounds go up the “fold down” I had to look the other way as the fold down bent and creaked. And guess what because it’s easy to carry (has a safe handle) and is...
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    George Ellison and Tufnol

    A wonderful story and piece of Birmingham History!
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    Clean up?

    Pretty darn good I would say!
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    Clean up?

    Great start Curly!
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    Clean up?

    Great work Dennis!
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    Windows 10

    I have been looking around at new notebooks, currently I have a Lenovo Yoga, Apple tablet & iPhone, they are all working together. The Lenovo is running windows 10 & Outlook. What i am dismayed about is that most new note books do not have a slot for an SD card or an USB for my CD drive or an...
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    In The Garden 2021

    Alberta, WAY too early for that stuff!
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    Birmingham's Working Horses

    Welcome to the Forum, HorseCoper. Enjoy!
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    In The Garden 2021

    This is a two year old cactus in my library for the winter!
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    Away for a bit

    Bob, get well very soon! Rest up and behave :)