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Recent content by raz ullah

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    Maternity Hospital Heathfield Road

    Hi all i remember going in there between 1968 to 1972 when i was an apprentice with the Housing Department it was derelict and ironically my wife Gillian was born there in 1954 it didn't sound like a nice place to give birth . Raz
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    Dentistry past and present in Brum

    Hi all i remember going to the school dentist in Aston , it was horrendous you went through big green double doors and was then greeted by a Matron type lady you was then put into a chair with a metal clamp in your mouth and then a gas mask was placed over your mouth the next thing you new...
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    Lost Birmingham Pubs

    The Top Ten Bar was further along the road from The Grapes Pub
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    Lost Birmingham Pubs

    1969 to 1973
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    Great Western Arcade

    Hi Vivienne14 what a fantastic photo i always loved walking through the Arcade i bet these developers would love to flatten it and build another useless empty office block . Raz
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    Fox and Goose Hotel Washwood Heath

    OK Thanks Vivienne .
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    Fox and Goose Hotel Washwood Heath

    Vivienne was one of your friends Josephine Bird back in the day . Raz
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    Lost Birmingham Pubs

    Hi Dave89 did you know the actor Tony Britton was born in a room over The Trocadero Pub . Raz .
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    Parisian Club Cannon Street

    It was called Fannys . Raz
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    Birmingham Nightclubs of the Past - Memories

    Hi Dianne did you go uptown with Evonne . Raz
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    Parisian Club Cannon Street

    Sorry Barr Beacon i don't remember The Bodega bar i stopped going up town in 1973 when i met my wife and we married in 1974 . Raz .
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    Parisian Club Cannon Street

    Hi Barr Beacon it was called Fanny's i think it was a Pub Restaurant .
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    Courtyards and yards of brum

    They might have been poor children but they look happy nowadays children have sour looking faces because the mobile phones glued to their heads are doing something to their brains.
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    city centre pubs

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    Birmingham Nightclubs of the Past - Memories

    Hi Time Traveller 66 did you work at Barclays Bank in the Jewellery Quarter