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Recent content by ray evason

  1. ray evason

    Pubs Of The Past

    Yes this is the old Dolphin pub,looking towards olton,Dolphin lane,just past the inn on the right was named after the pub,it stood roughly where Aldi stores is now,great picture a ghost from the past,and looking so Rural,Ray Evason.
  2. ray evason

    Colebrook Priory Mill

    The old sail mill was in Windmill lane,a cottage is still standing which was opposite the windmill called " Windmill cottage" I moved into Acheson rd Shirley in1957 and remembered the old mill and it was demolished in 1957, the owner of the house built on the site complained of the large bits of...
  3. ray evason

    Bishop Street

    My grandmother was lodging at 154 Bishop street in the 1911 census,if this helps here are the details,1911 census 154 bishop st,st martins district 384.Susanah Bunn head age 64,Melita Bunn daut age 22,Eliz Ann Beard,lodger 40.Emily Harley ( my grandmother)lodger age 37 occupation pinafore...
  4. ray evason

    Boseley pie shop 33 & 34 Congreve Street

    I have just found a great picture of a group of shops in Congreve street in 1936 on the pinterest site,reference :- Congreve street Birmingham,England,west midlands 70th birthday pinterest,I have downloaded this great picture onto my tablet,but don't know how to put it on this site,can other...
  5. ray evason

    Boseley pie shop 33 & 34 Congreve Street

    Thanks for this information Alan,it could be the same property,and shows it was. Still there in 1929.
  6. ray evason

    Where is this?

    I can't get this picture on my tablet,how do I get the picture in order to comment ! So frustrating!!
  7. ray evason

    Where is This? 145

    Think its perriots folly in edgebaston itbecame the weather centre
  8. ray evason

    Kyrwicks Lane Pubs

    I hope these memories will be of interest to old locals of the sparkbrook area !!, I was born at No: 37 long st in 1931,and attended Christchurch infant school from 1936 to 1939,(the out break of WW2) when I was evacuated to Appleby Magna in Leicestershire, a corporation bus took children from...
  9. ray evason

    Old street pics..

  10. ray evason

    Cattell Road between the Atlas and Arsenal St

    Yes Lacy's sold vegetable weighed on old scales,my wife Betty Holt lived next door on the other side of the entry to the 4 back houses,she live at number 149,does anyone remember the Holt family,mother Alice,father jimmy,he was a coalman,then bill,Jean,Betty,patty,and Glenys
  11. ray evason

    Stratford Road

    There was the sparkhill library,with the big clock tower with the clock face lit up( after the war) which used to fascinate me, the library building was originally the Worcestershire council office !! Yes this part of sparhill was once in Worcestershire !! Next door was the Police station,on the...
  12. ray evason

    Christchurch School Stratford Rd.Sparkbrook

    I was a pupil at Christchurch infant school from 1936 to 1939,( when I was evacuated due to ww2)the entrance to the infant section was at the bottom of Long street,close to the Victoria pub,I also remember the coal fires in the winter with a substantial metal fire guard around them,when we were...
  13. ray evason

    Airships over Birmingham ?

    I was about 5yrs old in 1936 and saw the airship following the line of ladypool road,Sparkbrook and Walford rd towards the BSA factory ! I have since wondered if it was taking photographs of the factory?
  14. ray evason

    Then & Now

    Many people will remember the dances held at Cateswell house,in the 1950s
  15. ray evason

    Then & Now

    Yes it was the municipal bank,had my first account there in the 1930s,as I was born in Long street,sparkbrook in 1931,and went to the same school as you,Christchurch school,on the corner of Long street,and Stratford rd,you would remember the coach company on the corner of Farmroad great pictures.