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    So sad to hear , you`re in my thoughts Bob.
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    Birmingham buses

    I am quite sure this is Hamstead Terminas , its one of the very few terminas`s i had no reason to travel too .
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    Birmingham buses

    One of many Grave visiting Bus Stops:(
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    Marston Green & Tile Cross

    Another beauty of marston green crossing :)
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    New unseen photos of brum

    Just one other thing Lyn , so far they are all B/W , are you saving the colour ones till last ?
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    New unseen photos of brum

    I must say it was a lovely one hour viewing these old photos of Birmingham , Thank you Lyn for sharing them with us xxx
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    Where is This #208?

    Liverpool Street ??
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    Where is This #207?

    Well Done Caroline xxx ............... Can we have Fablous 208 ( Luxumberg Days ) Phil .
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    Where is This #207?

    The Weoley Castle pub ??
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    bull ring bar 1970

    The Wonderin Minstrel ?
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    Where is This #205?

    Was it something to do with Motorways phil ??
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    Re-open LSWR main line from Plymouth to Exeter

    Just devastating Mike :frown: as a Brummie who has spent many happy holiday down there I know where you are coming from . I am in constant touch with this forum thread of all what is happenings down there right now ............ Ragga :frown: https://www.railforums.co.uk/showthread.php?t=96265...
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    Birmingham Buses Part 2

    Stop it you pair we don't want this thread to get political ...... laughing out load ..... heres a photo to cheer you both up courtesy of jeffjohnlloydd ....... ragga :fat:
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    Birmingham Photos on jigsaw

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    NewStreet Station 1854

    https://www.warwickshirerailways.com/lms/bhamnewstreet.htm Warwickshirerailways has updated their Birmingham new street page , their is photos on there you may have not seen before . https://www.warwickshirerailways.com/gwr/bordesley.htm Also of bordesley .......... ragga:fat: