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    The daddy long legs club

    I don't think they were strippers..... they started off with nowt on! If I'm thinking of the same place (The Speakeasy), a bunch of us apprentices used to go there after work at 2pm. I seem to remember a huge West Indian guy on the door wearing a leopard skin!. He used to say "You ain't gonna...
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    Birmingham Schools Football History / & photos

    Stanmore Secondary Modern 2nd Year team 1970/71 In the centre of the back row (4th from right) is Bob Hazell who went on to play for Wolves, QPR, Leicester, Reading & Port Vale. Not sure what the cup is!
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    Why are you a family historian?

    I started because I remember. many years ago, (probably early 60's) my mum saying that we had a viscount as a relative. I never thought much about it until about 5 years ago, when I started wondering who he was. I Googled 'Viscount Alexander' and the first link was to wikipedia...
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    Birmingham from the air

    Joined... almost! The spine of the book means that the Spaghetti pic is not so good!
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    Aston Pictures

    Hi Eric, I used Adobe Photoshop on that pic. As I remember, I changed it to black and white and then re-coloured it by hand with curves adjustment layers.
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    Stanmore Road Secondary, Edgbaston

    Re: stanmore secondry, edgebaston Hahaha, yes, shyness was always my undoing! Mr Challoner came to my rescue by going and getting me some tissue. I think my exam paper was unmarkable by that time, though! I turned down the chance to take the 13 plus (as I think it was called) and the...
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    Stanmore Road Secondary, Edgbaston

    Re: stanmore secondry, edgebaston Hi Terry, Dunno if you remember me? John Thatcher... we were in the same class at Stanmore. Remember hunting round the market for German stamps because we thought they'd be worth a fortune in the future?
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    Photo-restore Please!

    Another try...
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    Nonsuch Farm

    Hi Chris, My dad, Raymond John (although, usually known as John) died in 2001 and is at the far right of the middle row. His brother Sid is the lad in the middle row looking to his left. Sid has lived down south for many years.
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    picture tidy up.

    Thanks Wendy. I haven't been on here for a whileI'm starting to get rusty ! :)
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    picture tidy up.

    Another attempt
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    Converting from ?

    Some images at Flickr are weakly protected with an image overlay called spaceball.gif. Whenever you right-click the image to save it you do save spaceball.gif instead which is a 1×1 pixel image showing nothing at all. The same happens if you try to drag the image to your desktop or hard...
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    Somme pics...

    My great uncle died at Ypres. He was a private in the 2nd Battalion Princess Charlotte of Wales' Royal Berkshire Regiment. He died on Aug 1st 1917, so I am assuming that was at the battle of Pilckem Ridge, as I believe his regiment were there at that time. Trying to find more info on this at...
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    Bernard, that little story has cracked me up :-) When I was working in Gopsal St. I used to frequent Moby Dicks... billed as 'Birmingham's only seafaring pub' I'd totally forgot about the Outrigger, or I'd have taken them to task!
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    City Skyline 2010

    Is Wheels in Landor Street? If so, I did my apprenticeship into the printing industry there, at Landor Cartons in the early seventies!