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    Nechells Park Road

    Hi Maggie ,yes it was the Methodist Hall the minister was Mr Howard a welsh man.I went to Brownies there and sang in the choir.My family lived in Nechells all their lives my Aunty only died 2 years ago in Nechells and she always referred to it has a picture house.It has changed from how I...
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    Child Migrants from Birmingham

    I have just finished reading The Forgotten Children,Fairbridge Farm School and its betrayal of Britain,s child migrants to Australia.If any one would like my copy drop me a pm with your address and I,ll post it to you.regards Polly
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    The corner sweet shop

    Anyone remember Horace Whittles sweet shop on Nechells Park Road.It was double fronted with two automatic chewing gum machines attached to the door that nobody used .He made is own ice blocks and changed his window display as per season displaying all the lollies in little glass dishes in the...
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    Coroners Inquests

    Dear Aidan.I obtained a copy of my fathers inquest ,but he died in 1966.They sent it by Airmail and it cost 8.80 pounds.However I don,t know if you can get reports back as far as 1898.Any way here is their address and email .Coroner,s Court,50 Newton Street,B,Ham B4 6NE.email...
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    Sack of potatoes

    My Husbands stepfather used to run that pub."Francis George Lawton ,purveyer of fine wines and ale".The TV studios were next door ,and staged the wrestling matches.He told how the wrestlers would be Knocking the hell out of each other in the studios and half hour later buying each other pints.
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    gilks family

    Re: desendents of gilks family You,re so quick Suzanne.Just had one more look at the site before I went to bed and you,ve already replied .I will order the death certificates tomorrow and hopefully fill in some gaps.Thank you and G,night from down under.regards Polly
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    gilks family

    Re: desendents of gilks family Dear Suzanne,Thank you so much for your time and effort.Doris Cook was my Mom and she married in 1944 .My Aunty Florence did,nt marry till 1951.Thomas Cook was their father and 1901 appears as a lodger in the Gilks house.He died when my Mom was about 12 which...
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    gilks family

    Re: desendents of gilks family Dear smtr ,thank you for the info ,thats,s my great grandmother.I cannot find her death in Ancestry ,but as you can see Gilks can be spelt several different ways.I obtained her marriage cert.and thats spelt Jilks.Her maiden name was Hunt and her father is down as...
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    gilks family

    Re: desendents of gilks family Dear Baggie chris,I have no record of your Kettles in my family tree.My fathers family (Kettle) came from Goldenhill Staffs,and moved to Birmingham to Erdington at the turn of the 20th cent.My great grandfather was Edward Evans Kettle and his wife was Mahetable...
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    What sort of industry would moulders be employed in?

    Sorry Old Brummie I forgot to reply to you on the last post.I don,t think Harry Kettle is one of mine but I,m still trying to find all my Dads cousins,so could be.I have a couple of my dads job references,ones dated 15/11/1946 from Cyclo Gear Co ltd,and the other is from Newton and Co dated 15...
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    What sort of industry would moulders be employed in?

    G,Day Big Gee,I do remember Alan Dent,I started at FOSECO when I was 18 in 1968 from Duddeston Manor School.If you remember our Lab was right at the bottom of the building(Ingot Treatment Division)down a very narrow steep set of stairs into what was once the air raid shelter.I only lived just...
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    What sort of industry would moulders be employed in?

    Having worked with Big Gee in England ,I agree with all his comments.I have worked in foundry and steelworks all my working life in Aus and the Uk and find them fascinating places.My husband also worked at Round Oak Steelworks till 1973 which as also gone now.I believe they also had the first...
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    Photos to DVD

    When I bought a DVD burner a couple of years ago it came with a suite of programmes from a company called Cyberlink - Power Cinema, Power Producer, Power Director, Power DVD. Power Director is the one you want, it creates a file of your photos and plays them in the order you nominate. You get...
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    Did you have a dolls pram?.

    we took the dog acouple of times to the vet in my pram ,down Holborn Hill and left onto Litchfield Road I,m sure the RSPCA was one of the shops just up from the pub.
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    Did you have a dolls pram?.

    Yes I had a dolls pram .It was a twin pram cream with brown hoods ,it came from Barnabys in the Great Western Arcade.Being the only girl in the street gang it was used as a hospital trolley when the cowboys got shot ,or to recover soldiers in the war, infact it was used for everything but not...